[WATCH] Jay-Z’s B-Sides Concert 


Jay-Z’s B-Sides concert has come and gone, and I am pissed that I wasn’t in attendance,but thanks to Tidal I was able to watch it and have some semblance of being there. I’m fine with that lol!

Jay ran through some of his most famous B-Sides. True Hov fans are very familiar with these songs. Beenie Sigel & Jay-Z patched up their differences. We saw the reunion of State Property. It was good to see Beans on stage, it was touch and go when he was shot a while back.

I won’t go into extreme detail about the concert watch if for yourself HERE if you’re in that Tidal number, if not check out some flicks below:


Whut Say You?

[Photo Credit:Tidal]


3 thoughts on “[WATCH] Jay-Z’s B-Sides Concert 

  1. Swear each and everyone on them should have number one albums out right now. It’s a shame that misunderstandings and beef stunted their growth I would love if they could put some music out. This bull crap that’s out right now is slowly killing my ear for music.

    • In The Air by Beans still bangs to this day! That Dynasty album was classic! If grown men were less concerned about beefing and more concerned about making good music and gettin to the money, the music industry would be such an awesome place!

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