Wait…Wait…Whut!?!: Song of the Week: If I Don’t Have You-Tamar Braxton


Tamartians Rejoice!

She!Me! Her! AKA Tamar Braxton her Tamartian friend’s a surprise this pass week with a new song to titled, If I Don’t Have You. The song has a old school R&B feel to it, reminds of Wreckless Love by Alicia Keys. 

The singer, talk show host, mother, and reality star is singing her entire face off on this song. I was getting worried about this new project as we haven’t heard anything from Tamar musically since the winter when she dropped Let Me Know featuring Future. 

I am pleasantly surprised with this release and I think Vince has the album set-up under control. I am thinking the album will come out around the time that Tamar & Vince comes back for a new season on WeTV, being that Braxton Family Values is currently showing.

Take a listen to my selection for Song of the Week:

Whut say you? 


Say Whut!?!

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