[LISTEN]Throwback Tuesday-Parking Lot Pimpin’- Jay-Z Feat Beanie Sigel,Memphis Bleek, and Lil’ Mo


So…I’m listening to my Tidal Jay-Z radio station and what comes on? Parking Lot Pimpin’ from The Dynasty album. When I tell you that this is one of my favorite songs from The Dynasty Album! That’s why it had to be the Throwback Tuesday song

Jay, Beanie, Bleek, and that “hook sangin” Lil’ Mo make this song knock! Y’all can act like Mo didn’t hold y’all down for three summers straight, singing hooks in the way only she can! The Dynasty album in its entirety still knocks to this day! This was back in the golden era of The Roc, back before Dame and Jay fell out!

Check it below:

Whut say you?


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