Ms. Jackson if you’re NASTY is back with new music!

The song is titled, No Sleep, and it was written and produced by Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The song is exactly what I needed from Janet. The song gives me a Funny How Time Flies/ That’s The Way Love Goes feel, without sounding dated. I am so glad Janet didn’t try to fit into popular music with this release. She went with her tried and true formula and it works! I am also glad she reconnected with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, I hope they take the healm of this album. Janet *taps shoulder* steer clear of Jermaine Dupri for this album PRETTY PLEASE!?!

This single has me very interested to see what this eleventh studio album will sound like.  Since I preordered the album with hopes of being able to get a coveted golden ticket to her recently announced world tour, but a las no such luck thanks to scalper or “brokers” as they call themselves. I am hoping Janet will add another Atlanta show. As much as I love Janet, I WILL NOT pay 1K for lawn seat! It ain’t happenin! 

Take a listen to Janet’s new song below:

Whut say you?


Say Whut!?!

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