[LISTEN] Song of Week: Feeling Good- Ms. Lauryn Hill


The Song of Week is Feeling Good by Lauryn Hill. The song was originally performed by Nina Simone. The song is from Revisited: A Tribute To Nina Simone which was released to accompany the Netflix’s documentary. What Happened, Miss Simone? which chronicles Simone’s tumultuous life.

Lauryn Hill does an amazing job covering this Nina Simone classic. The thing I love about Lauryn Hill of present day is the fact that her voice isn’t perfect. The imperfections aren’t corrected in the studio, this gives the song a rawness and depth that can’t be duplicated. This song makes me miss Lauryn Hill, and makes me long for new music from her. Until she decides to give us some new music I guess this cover will have to do! Check it out below:

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?