FOH!:Tyga Calls in the FBI to Help Track Down Who Leaked Those Nude Photos

So if you haven’t heard, Tyga or T-Raw or whatever this young man’s name is has allegedly been carrying on a relationship with transsexual model Mia Isabella and allegedly sent out PayNis pictures to said model according to Now like me you’re probably wondering what’s the big damn deal? If that man wants to send a picture of his PayNis via text to a transsexual model, he’s grown, right? 
Welp! The problem is he is “heterosexual” and allegedly dating 17 year old Kylie Jenner. Uh oh! Well apparently Tyga lawyer(Lee Hutton) felt this matter was so pressing that he needed to involve the FBI(as if they don’t have other more important matters to attend to)  *side-eye*
Lee had this to say:

“I have contacted the FBI and begun the process of filing a criminal complaint against the individuals that continue to spread malicious lies and harass my client and his family. Many social media sites and journalists have expressed disgust over the salacious false accusations and have aided in our fight against cyber-bullying and online harassment by individuals that post under the cowardly disguise of anonymity.
We are living in a culture of digital cruelty that no one is immune to and I will continue to secure my client’s reputation.”
~Via LoveBScott

When will these celebrities learn to stop sending out sensitive images,drunk texting,  and then crying foul when there is a leak. Now I’m not saying the images are his or not, but come the f*ck on bruh! The FBI, REALLY!?! FOH!
Whut say you?
[PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM: @kinggoldchains]

Whut, say you?