Kordell Stewart Tells "I'm Delivert" Caldwell, "I'll See You In Court!"


Kin folk…y’all remember Andre Caldwell the young man who prayed “the gay away” and proclaimed he was “Delivert!” and “He didn’t love mens no more” *side eye*  Welp! He is back in the news again, this time things aren’t funny.
So apparently Caldwell was on a radio show promoting a “You-tube” reality show *side eye* and he alleged that he had an affair with Former NFL Player Kordell Stewart. 

“I had everything that Porsha got. I had bags, purses, cars. I’m in a Jaguar right now. Honey, did you see that Jaguar over there?” Caldwell bragged, comparing himself to Stewart’s ex-wife, Porsha Stewart.

If you don’t follow football, Stewart is the ex-husband of reality star Porsha Williams. Stewart who has been dogged by gay rumors his entire career is not HERE for Caldwell’s allegations, and he drove down to the court house and filed a lawsuit against Caldwell. It’s all fun and games until someone files a lawsuit. LOL! Stewart had this to say

“There’s no room in my personality for that lifestyle. It’s not what I believe in. I’m a heterosexual man,”

Well I hope Caldwell has his coins together! Y’all gon start a Go Fund Me for him? Y’all know he probably doesn’t have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of. It’s not looking too good for buddy! Did no one inform him that Kordell doesn’t play the radio! To Caldwell’s credit(very little given) he did admit that he lied about having an affair with Stewart, but Kordell is not HERE for your sorry ass apology SIR! The damage is done!
Whut say you?
Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Shot/Kordell Stewart Instagram

Whut, say you?