Wellness Wednesday: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Kinfolk is the above picture how you feel most days at work? Do you feel like the turn up was too real most days at work? Chances are you are not getting enough sleep at night. I know I feel like the above picture on some days and I know it’s simply because I am not getting enough sleep. In addition to clean eating and exercising, sleep is also very important to overall health. Living a healthy life style is ongoing process and I am always looking for ways to improve my health and prolong my life.
Now Google is a very valuable tool, and the world would be a better place if people just opened up her up and asked her whatever their hearts desired, chances are she will know the question before you ask it! This would make for a more informed society with less inserting of thine foot into mouth, but that’s neither here nor there. I was doing my Googles and ran across a interesting article on sleep. The article discussed “7 Common Sleep Mistakes: You Don’t Know You’re Making
The common mistakes are:

  • Eating and drinking caffeinated food items before bed 
  • Catching up on sleep 
  • Sleeping With Pets
  • Hitting The Snooze Button
  • Having A Night Cap 
  • Leaving The TV On

Welp! I am guilty of 6 of these, I DO NOT sleep with pets. The article offered multiple solutions for each of mistakes mentioned. Check them out below 
Most of these are simple solutions. I am going to try incorporating these into my daily routine. The only one that may be a problem is the no TV in the room, that will take time. Kinfolk are you getting enough sleep? If not, do you think any of these solutions will work for you?
Whut say you? 

Whut, say you?