Foxy Brown Appreication Day-Rap City Freestyle-Foxy Brown

Kinfolk y’all know what today is! It’s Foxy Brown Appreciation Day ,and what better way to enjoy your Friday than to enjoy it with Inga Marchand. I can’t think of any other way! Now you already know Foxy is a beast on the mic, and her freestyles on Pump Master Flex, DJ Clue, DJ Kay Slay’s shows are classic! Do your Googles! 

BET used to have quality programming and Rap City in the Basement with Big Tigger was one of those shows. Your favorite rappers would come through and get in the booth and spit a hot sixteen! Well Foxy Brown blessed the booth with a freestyle that I’ll never forget and further solidified my undying love for her! Check it out below:

So many quotables! It ain’t too many bishes out here that did or do it like Foxy Brown and you will respect her!

Whut say you?


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