[LISTEN] New Music: Hello(Adele Cover)-Dawn

Kinfolk now I normally don’t see it for Dawn(Dawn Richard) but today she has my ear. Now unless you live under a rock you’re  aware that Adele’s new album dropped today and therefore it is Adele season. I know what your saying? Adele season…? What’s that? It’s the season where these girls might as well hang it up as far dropping an album, it’s similar to when Queen Bey drops and album and dominates for months. Adele is a baaaaaaad bish, her first album still charts like it was just released. Anyway I have completely gotten off topic back to Dawn. 

Ms Richard formally of Danity Kane has gone and released her cover of Adele’s smash, Hello. Now normally I am not HERE for covers unless you’re going to knock it out the park or completely reimagine it. Welp! She did the latter and killed it. It’s sounds like a completely new song and I love it. Dawn imma give you your 10’s for this one! Check it out below:

Whut say you?


2 thoughts on “[LISTEN] New Music: Hello(Adele Cover)-Dawn

  1. Dope! Now I’m here for THIS….. I can’t get with Adele version it drains me…..plus every 5 songs they playing it…maybe I should be heartbroken or something to relate….two thumbs up dawn….I can grove to this

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