Wellness Wednesday: 5 Breakfast Smoothies For Your Busy Work Week

Kinfolk if you’re anything like me then your schedule is very hectic. It’s sometimes hard to make healthy food choices where breakfast is concerned because there isn’t enough time or maybe you’re not a fan of breakfast. I am a fan a breakfast, but sometimes there isn’t enough time to go to the gym, shower, dress, and prepare a full scale breakfast. This is where smoothies come in handy, because we have to fuel our bodies to start our day off right. 
I was over at Tiphero and they featured an awesome video from The Domestic Geek YouTube channel. It featured 5 smoothies for each day of the week, eliminating all the guess work. They all look delicious and nutritious. 
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The green smoothie she prepared was probably my favorite out of the bunch. As she states you can mix it up and get creative. I’ve been known to put broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and many different combinations of fruits and veggies in my smoothies. Go ahead and get creative in the kitchen. Her tip about buying your own fruit and freezing it yourself is very good advice, as buying pre-frozen fruit can get pricey. I freeze kale and many other veggies as well,don’t worry they come out fine for smoothies, you may not be able to use them for dinner, but they are great in smoothies. Freezing keeps our fruit and veggies  from going bad and in turn helps us not waste money.
One thing I will say is make sure you invest in a quality blender. Ninja & Nutribullet are two awesome brands, I own both. If you’re really about that life go ahead and spring for that Vitamix, that is is my dream kitchen appliance! I will have one at some point!
Kinfolk make sure you are fueling that body in the morning, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also don’t forget to continue to fuel your body throughout the day as well. Go ahead and get cracking on these smoothies recipes and come up with your own combination. Also don’t be afraid to share your recipes in the comments section. I am always looking for new and tasty recipes. 
Whut say you?

Whut, say you?