[Review] More Issues Than Vogue-K. Michelle


K. Michelle’s new album, More Issues Than Vogue(MITV), dropped a few weeks ago and not without it’s fair share of “issues”. First she had an on air spat with Breakfast Club host Angela Yee and then  she has reportedly been banned from all Radio One platforms because she failed to appear at an event sponsored by Radio One without a good legitimate excuse. Kathy Hughes plays no games! These are prime examples of how K’s antic overshadow her amazing talents, MITV is actually a very good album but the goodness is being missed due to unnecessary drama. Just sing K, and cut the bullshit drama!

MITV has 12 tracks which is a good round number, y’all know how I feel about too many tracks. The album features Jason Derulo,Trina, and Yo Gotti. K doesn’t stray far from her normal formula but she does experiment with Pop on Make The Bed and Country on If It Ain’t Love. She doesn’t completely abandon her core fan base, but she is able to show growth. 

MITV has several tracks that I enjoyed. Mindful produced by T-Pain is uptempo and has a very catchy hook. K even displays her rap skills. Got Em Like samples Outkast’s SpottieOttieDopaliscious so I instantly fell in love with this song you can’t go wrong with an Outkast/Organized Noize sample. Nightstand is K’s ode to her vibrator the line the, “Can I get back the fucks I gave you?” pulled me right, another instant favorite of mine.

 K sings her heart on All I Got, she sings about being content with memories from past experiences/relationships . K really shines on this one. On Time she sings of a getting out a relationship right on time. The lyric, “Two things you can’t get back are words and time,” is the GOTDAMN truth. This song is my favorite from the album based on lyrics and vocal performance. Rich features my fav Trina  and K’s hometown buddy Yo Gotti. The hook is catchy and anything with Trina on it I am HERE for! This one is sure to be a summer time anthem.

More Issues Than Vogue is a solid album, I give K. Michelle a hard time but I have always said that K. Michelle could go really far if she could just get out of her own way. This album shows growth without completely straying from what has worked on previous albums. Let’s hope K can work out her differences with Radio One, it would be a shame for his album to not be played on the radio. Good thing she has social media because she is definitely going to need it!

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