[New Music] Haters-TLC


Kinfolk! TLC is back with new music, and the answer is a NO for me! The song is titled, Haters, and it’s from their self-titled Kickstarter funded album. I’m not exactly sure who asked for a TLC album, but I guess the demand was there. The song addresses…wait for it…wait for it, Haters! Because apparently Tionne and Rozonda have those in 2017 *yawns*

The lyrical content addresss social media and bullying(truth-telling sometimes) over a pop beat. Now if we’re being honest this would have been great back in the 90’s, but in 2017, NOPE! Tionne and Rozonda let’s just rest on the fact that TLC is the best-selling girl group of all time, and not release anymore music. The magic just isn’t there without Lisa. It’d be like SWV doing an album without Coko, How Sway!?! A nice Vegas residency, where you all perform your hits with a hologram or video of Lisa would be great, I would go see it! Wouldn’t you?

This last TLC album was not needed, but hey there’s a demand for it because y’all gave them your coins, so it’s only right you should get what you paid for. Now before TLC’s Stans go on the attack, I love TLC’s discography as is! Crazy, Sexy, Cool is a classic, but sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone. This ladies and gentlemen is one of those times.

Check out Hater below:

Whut say you?


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