Shaq Reveals Grotesque Foot Again! 

Kinfolk! Specifically my male kinfolk lean in close to the screen and read this carefully! TAKE CARE OF YOUR GOTDAMN FEET!

So…I am scrolling the internet and come across something that assualted my eye balls and made my cornea ache! What you ask! Shaq’s Grotesque AF foot! Now who on God’s earth asked him to take his hooves out on national TV is beyond me but I can’t unsee this! Like HOW SWAY!?! How does one let their feet get to this point? With all the money that Shaq has, you mean to tell me podiatrist wasn’t available!?! 

Fellas take this as a cautionary tale! Don’t let your feet look like this! A pedicure is relatively inexpensive, and if you can’t afford that a pumice stone and nail clippers are even cheaper! Shaq DO BETTER! 

Whut say you?


Say Whut!?!

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