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5 GIFs You Need To Have In Your #CLAPBACK Arsenal


Kinfolks! Group chat is the way of the world. It’s the way we communicate with friends and family. Inevitably someone in the chat is going to come for you, when of course you didn’t call them! But fret not kinfolks I am here with 5 gifs that you must have in your arsenal to combat habitual line steppers and triers of your life!

  1. When you’re minding your business in the group chat and going about your day and one of the members of the chat calls you out for no reason:

This pretty much let’s everyone know that you are not for the BS!

2. When someone in the chat says something to get a rise out of you, but you give zero f*cks!:

This one pretty much let’s all concerned parties know that you are unbothered!

3.  When you’ve said what you said! And you’re done talking! Use this one:

Then follow up with this one:

They’ll catch your drift.

4. When a member of the group chat is being read for filth, and you’re trying to keep from laughing:

Just sip your drink and mind your business, so that you don’t get pulled into the fray.

5. When you’ve had enough of the shenanigans and you want to get straight to the point!:

This one is necessary and self explanatory.

Add these to your gifs to your arsenal and you should be ready to fight off that inevitable group chat attack with no problem!

You’re welcome!

Whut say you?


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