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5 Observations From The MTV Video Music Awards 


Kinfolk I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but you’ll deal! MTV’s Video Music Awards show has come and gone so I’m here to give you my top 5 Observations(I have more but won’t keep you too long) from the VMA’s

1. This Was The Blackest VMA’s I Have Seen

I guess MTV decided they wanted to take a page out of BET’s book and prove that #BlackLivesDoMatter. This had to the most black faces I have seen at VMA’s in years. From the red carpet corespondents to the host to the performers. Let’s talk about the hosts for one second. Key & Peele are funny on their show on Comedy Central show, or not! But I could have gone my whole life without them as hosts. Their jokes were corny, tired, and lame. They looked completely out of place DO BETTER MTV! 

2. Rihanna VS MTV’s Shady Grove

Rihanna was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s ceremony. Based upon videos ALONE she is worthy of this honor, but anything else(vocals, choreography, stage presence) and you’re pushing it. So if you’ve watched the VMA’s before then you know the honoree is given the task of performing some of the songs that made them an honoree. For some reason MTV divided this up into three segment that were scattered throughout the show(I’m guessing this was done so RiRi could catch her breath and save her vocals) At any rate RiRi came out for her first segements and did the best she could. She and that microphone aren’t kin, and that was clear by the fact that she kept moving the mic when she was supposed to be singing . The three segment in theory was a good idea until Queen Beyoncé came out and performed the ‘Formation World Tour’ smack dab in the middle of show! MTV y’all petty as f*ck for doing RiRi like that! Y’all know good and hell well she nor anybody(Britney Spears) could follow her. Needless to say Rihanna tried to give y’all her good vocals and “a run” that she had been rationing out  in each segment and it was again the best she could do. I said it once and I’ll say it again MTV is PETTY and AIN’T SHIT for doing her like that!

3. Teyana Taylor’s Body Is TOGETHER!

So…MTV gave Kanye West-Kardashian 4 minutes to do whatever he wanted to do on stage *side-eye* Now this could have gone very good or very bad. Black people and Taylor Swift(who was noticeably absent from this year’s awards) were sitting on the edge of their seats bracing for what Mr. Kardashian was going to say. Lucky for us he rambled a bit and premiered his new video ‘Fade’ starring Teyana Taylor. In the past I used to give Teyana shit because I didn’t know what she was famous for, but her debut album silenced me because it was amazing! Teyana showed up on the screen in all her GLAWRY! HER BODY IS TOGETHER! DO YOU HEAR ME! TO-GETHER! It also looks natural too! Teyana gave us Let’s Get Physical-Bo-Flex-Thigh Master-Body By Jake-Hip Hop Abs Realness! LA Fitness you have Teyana to thank for the spike in membership! Women and men far and wide ran to the gym on Monday morning to sign up! Hopefully Teyana has music to drop with all the hoopla surrounding this video.

4. What Happened To Dat Girl(Britney Spears)!?!

MTV pegged Britney Spears performance as her return to glory on the VMA stage. THAT WAS A LIE! No glory to be found here and life ain’t been no crystal stair for Britney Jean either. She came out did half ass choreography and her best impression of a mime. I love Britney, Lord knows I do, but she is LAZY! I guess that’s okay because she has solidified her spot in music history. But I would rather her not perform at all if it’s going to be lazy! Honestly speaking there was really nothing she could have done to save her performance after ‘The Formation Tour’ came through. Britney Jean Do BETTER or retire!

5. That One Time ‘The Formation Tour’ Came to MTV

So…As I stated previously MTV erected a shady grove over Rihanna’s MJ Video Vanguard Award Honor when they asked Queen Beyoncé to perform, but hey sucks for her! I am ALWAYS HERE for a Beyoncé performance as I am diamond lifetime financial member of the BeyHive(judge me I give no f*cks). Bey always manages to up the ante where her performances are concerned and this night was no different. The opening montage honoring black men slain by the at the hands of  crooked cops was absolutely breathtaking! F*ck You Rudy Guiliani! Beyoncé has 1 job, and that is TO SLAY! She did exactly that, running through an abridged version of ‘The Formation Tour’ with sprinkles of new choreography and new wardrobe. At any rate I was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY WOWED! I’ll be sliding my coins to The Queen for a third go round on Septemeber 26th at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. I don’t give one single solitary f*ck  about all the Beyoncé haters and naysayers with all your “Didn’t you see it already?,” “That’s too much money!,” “She does the same show every concert!” All of y’all can join hands and kiss my ass because I’m going and she will always get my coins! She will always be BETTER than your fav! Because your fav’s could never!

Welp there you have it kinfolks! Whut say you?


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