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Album Review: A Place Called Love Land-Raheem DeVaughan



Raheem DeVaughn is back with new album, A Place Called Loveland,  and this is the Raheem that I f*cks with!

With this new album Raheem seems to have gone back to his original formula, which was working fine. I was really not a fan of his last album, The Love and War Masterpiecce, especially after the eargasm that resulted from 2008’s, Love Behind The Melody(LBH). That is not to say that his last album was terrible, it just didn’t resonate with me. This new album seems to have picked up where LBH left off. From the album’s intro I knew this was going to be a great listen, and I knew it would instantly placed in heavy rotation on my Spotify and iPod. The album is classic Raheem.

When Raheem is in the pocket, he is at his best. Raheem takes us on musical journey with this here album, and I am HERE for it! The album as a whole is cohesive, it is not all over the place like some artist’s albums tend to be . I can tell that Raheem sat down and thought about the flow of this album. This is one of those albums that you can put on, and let it play, without having to skipping over tracks. As I have stated in previous posts, that is the true test of whether an album is just good or exceptional. This album is an exceptional work!

It is always hard for me to pick out favorites, especially when an artists goes into the booth and sprinkles all his or her f*cks all over the booth, and then picks them b*tches back up and sprinkles them all over again. If I was forced to pick favorite tracks off this album I would say: Complicated, Ridiculous, Pink Crush Velvet, Make A Baby, and Maker of Love. I take my hat off to Raheem for this album, even the interludes are great(some artist’s interludes are unnecessary). Welcome back Mr. DeVaughn, glad you could join us!

This album is most definitely worth a listen! As a matter of fact several listens! #SupportR&B

Final Rating 5/5

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