Allen Stoned dropped his new album today(Nov 12), Apart, which album reimagines some of his most beloved songs, stripping each lavishly arranged track down. The project has 12 songs and a running time of 45 minutes. 10-12 tracks is a sweet spot for me, anything more feels like overkill to me.

All of the 12 songs are top-notch, but my two favorite songs are “Unaware’ which opens the album, and “Is This Love” which closed out the album

Stone sings about the American public’s inability to understand what is going on around them on “Unaware”.The stripped-down nature of the song, the guitar, and his voice makes for an amazing song.

On the final track on the album “Is This Love,” a Bob Marley cover,  Stone completely flips the original. It starts slow and builds to a crescendo where the background vocalists, the piano, and Stone’s voice meld together to make beautiful music. This is how you cover a song. It took me a moment to even realize it was a Bob Marley cover.

This album is definitely worth listening to. I have had it on repeat for most of the day. I would highly recommend adding this to your rotation. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Whut, say you?



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