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Album Review: Love And War-Tamar Braxton



Tamartians rejoice!

She! Me! Her! AKA SlayMar AKA Tamar Braxton’s highly anticipated album ‘Love And War’ dropped on September 3.

Before I get off into the review of this album, let me just say that Tamar’s team has done an outstanding job with the promotion and set up for this album, They have utilized social networking , reality television, and radio with precision to really connect Tamar with her fans(Tamartians). It also doesn’t hurt that Tamar is married to Vincent Herbert and they have a child together, but you can not deny that Tamar’s talent.

Welp! Here we go.

The One

The mid tempo summer jam samples Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” and Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy”. I love this song! It is a song that you can throw on in the car and  just cruise. The song is easy to sing-a-long with and was a great second single.

Tip Toe

This song right here! This song right here is sure to get asses on the dance floor with it’s thumping baseline and Tamar’s sexy vocals. This is sure to be a club banger. I love this song right here! I can’t stop listening to it! Tamar sings about keeping her business private. You are sure to be reciting “Now Tip Toe, Now Tip Toe, Now Toe” very soon!

Stay and Fight

On this song Tamar sings about fighting for a relationship and trying to make it work until her heart is black and blue, that is some damn good love right there! This song is a great ballad, and Tamar’s vocals are on point. This is one of my favorite songs off the album.

Love and War

The lead single from the album is another great ballad, again Tamar showcases her powerhouse vocal. I loved this song the first time I heard it. This was definitely a great lead single and gives me that classic R&B feel that is missing in music today.

All The Way Home

*tosses computer on the floor* Tamar Braxton went all the way the f*ck in on this song right here! On the song she sings about thinking about her man on a long ride home. Tamar again showcases that she is not just Toni Braxton’s sister, but she can actually sing. I almost lost my damn mind when she belts “I said WAIT A MINUTE!” The whole end breakdown/vamp of this song is magical!

One on One Fun

This is a fun and flirty interlude, on which Tamar sings about having one on one fun with her significant other. It is a nice interlude it gives me just enough.

She Did That

This song right here clearly should have been a full song. This club banger almost made me forget I was at work. On the song Tamar pops shit like only she can!  With lines like, “Oh you looking at my rocks, that’s my bitch Tiffany,” she is definitely feeling herself and to that I say “Talk your m*thafuckin shit Tamar.”  She most defintely DID THAT! with this song right here. Hopefully we get to hear a second verse and a bridge because every time this song goes off I am left wanting more.

Hot Sugar

Another club banger, that will surely have asses on the dance floor. This song is just ratchet enough for me! I l fell in love with song instantly after hearing the snippet on Tamar and Vince last season. This song will be getting added to my cardio playlist. This is another song that almost made me forget I was at work. It almost got real ratchet at work when the beat dropped on this one.


This song is another amazing ballad. Tamer sings about refusing to settle for pieces of her man. Her voice and runs are amazing. This is another one of my favorite songs off the album.

Where It Hurts

I like this song right here, this song sounds like Tamar’s attempt at appealing to a broader audience. I could hear this on a pop station. It’s not one of my favorite song off the album, but a good song.

Prettiest Girl

This song is Tamar’s ode to Vincent, its a nice little ditty.

Sound of Love

*gets hot oil and candles* This song right here is a baby maker. Tamar gets real sensual and sexy on this song. This will be added to the “Get The Panty Draws” playlist!

White Candle

This song is another attempt at appealing to broader audience. This song sounds like it could be on a pop station. This one isn’t one of my favs, but I can still listen to it without skipping over it. It is not a bad song at all.

Thank You Lord

Tamar takes us to church with this song! The last track on the album follows the tradition of R&B artists like Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans putting a song thanking God for all their blessings. This song is done just right, it is not too gospel. It does the trick. I could hear Tamar singing this at EBT’s BET’s Celebration of Gospel. I like this song.

Say what the f*ck you want about Tamar, but DON’T say that she is not talented. She sings her face off on this album. People are always going attribute her success to the fact that she is Toni Braxton’s little sister. Naysayers are always going to say that she is successful because she is married to probably the biggest manager/producer Vincent Herbert, but these two facts can only get her so far. Tamar has proven with this album that she can sing, and she has also proven that she is force to be reckoned with out here in these R&B streets! I think people forget that Tamar was dropped from 5 record labels. That right there is testament to the fact that Tamar is resilient, and this music is not a game for her, she came to win!  This album is definitely worth a listen. I encourage people to form their own opinions in general and where music is concerned. Every artist is not going to resonate with every person, but listen to an album in it’s entirety before writing it off based upon what someone else said. Tuesday, September 3, 2013 was a great day for R&B Music and Tamar Braxton was a part of making it a great day! #SUPPORTRNB


Final Rating 5/5

What did you all think of the album?


  1. I really like this cd!! Haven’t purchased it yet from iTunes but I will be! I was pleasantly surprised! Good job by Tamar! I gotta agree..her team has done a phenomenal job on promotion! She’s been on EVERY morning show this week! I mean ALL of them! Plus 106 & Park..Fuse TV etc.. I’m sure it’s no coincidence her cd drops the same week Tamar & Vince new season premiers! Genius Vincent!!! Lol!


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