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Album Review: Love In The Future-John Legend



John Legend’s new album ‘Love In The Future’ dropped this past Tuesday, and I must say I was really anticipating this album. I was interested to see what John would come up with this time around. Legend’s last two projects didn’t really resonate with me. That is not to say that the albums were terrible, because John has never put out a terrible album. When I say it didn’t resonate with me, I mean I could not listen to the whole album without having to skip over multiple tracks. The true test of whether an album is good vs superior is whether or not you can listen to it without skipping tracks.

Legend’s newest offering is superior in my eyes. This album is the John Legend that I f*cks with! This album takes me back to his first two albums which still get heavy rotation to this day. This album sounds like he went into the studio with a bag full of f*cks and sprinkled them b*tches all over the booth, and then pick them b*tches back up and sprinkled them again. Lyrically this album is awesome, which has never been a problem for Legend, think Ordinary People times 10, and you have “Love In The Future”. Musically the album is a pleasure to my ears between the use of samples(Thanks Kanye), John’s piano, and his voice that cracks at all the right places, one can’t lose.

It is really hard to pick out favorite tracks on this album, because all of them are A1! But if I must pick out tracks, I will. Of course “Who Do We Think We Are” is a favorite I can ride out to that track,all I need is a vodka gimlet and you can catch me nodding my head to this one. Another favorite of mine is “All Of Me,” think Adele meets John Legend, and you have the feel of this track. Now the favorite track, which is really an interlude is John’s remake of “Angel” originally done by the great Anita Baker. The track features Stacy Barthe, who I absolutely love! This interlude should have been a complete song every time it goes off I want them to continue singing.” You and I(Nobody In The World)” is a beautiful ballad, on which Legend sings his appreciation for his lady.

“So Gone” is another favorite track of mine, and it has the nerve to be a bonus track. This track reminds me of some of Smokey Robinson and The Miracle’s classic hits. I could go on and on about my favorite tracks on the album, because as I stated the whole album is stellar.

This album is definitely worth a listen, especially if you call yourself a music lover. But form your own opinion of the album, but if you don’t enjoy the album, me thinks you may need your head and ears examined, because this album is the SHIT! I will most definitely be purchasing tickets to see John Legend and Tamar, that is a winning combination!

Final Rating 5/5

What are you thoughts?

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