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Album Review: Love Marriage & Divorce- Toni Braxton & Babyface




The music industry and fans alike took a collective gasp, when Toni “The” Braxton announced that she would be retiring from music! Now, I know that last few years haven’t been the best financially and where album sales are concerned, but Toni had slipped and bumped her head if she thought it was going to be that easy to just walk away. Say what you want to say about Toni, but you cannot deny that she has receipts for days! Check her resume! So I guess Babyface felt the same way we all felt, and went lifted his long time friend and protegé up, and said let’s do an album. This was the best idea ever. It was genius on so many levels because the tour for this album will be something to see, with Toni  and Babyface performing music from their extensive catalogs solo and jointly.

Love, Marriage, & Divorce covers all the topics mentioned in the title. T&B’s voices meld well together on this album, there really wasn’t any doubt in my mind that there would be a problem. The album opens with the ballad, Roller Coaster, both T&B shine on this track, this one is one of my favorite songs off the album. After taking us on a Roller Coaster, its time for us to Sweat, which the second track off the album, this track is very sexy, but not too sexy, it’s just right T&B and smolder on this song, another favorite song off the album, definitely a great choice for a third single! Next up is Hurt You, which was the lead single off the album, I will simply say I was sold on this when I first heard it and I can’t be responsible for what happens when this comes on in the car! Expect singing at the top of lungs!

Where Did We Go Wrong, upon first listen didn’t resonate with me, mostly because I am not a fan of Babyface singing falsetto, but after listening a few more times and getting past the falsetto I started to like the song, it most definitely was not second single material, but a great song. I Hope That Your Ok, which Babyface sings solo, really does nothing for me, I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. Now…Toni Michele Braxton showed the ENTIRE f*ck out with the lyrics for, I Wish. You know you are hurt, when you wish someone gets a disease LOL, but hey it BEEZ like that sometimes, Toni kept that sh*t 100!

Take It Back,  sounds like a Sade song, this is another one, that didn’t really grab me. Reunited, is a mid-tempo song, it gives me Tami Tarrell and Marvin Gaye for 2014, it is a feel good song. I’d Rather Be Broke, is another mid-tempo which Toni sing solo, she shines on this song, it feels like it could have been on the Secrets album. Heart Attack, is a up-tempo song, this was T&B attempt at making something that could be played at the dancery(Thank you for this word MJB), I could have gone without it,but it is not a bad song. The D Word, closes out the album, it is a slow song about divorce and unrequited love, both T&B sing on this one, it is nice and mellow song.

The album as a whole is a cohesive body of work, it doesn’t feel like it is all over the place. It feels like T&B sat down and discussed the progression of the songs on the album so that they could tell the story of how you go from Love to Marriage to Divorce. It highlights all the feelings that go with all that.  T&B work well together, this was great idea. This album is definitely worth a listen if your music lover.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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