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Album Review: Paula-Robin Thicke



So…Robin Thicke released his seventh studio album titled Paula, named after his estranged wife Paula Patton. Robin has a lot to prove with this new album what with the smash success of Blurred Lines and also naming the album after his wife. When an artists names an album after person, they clearly hope that it does well, especially if it’s your estranged wife whom you’re trying to get back. An estranged wife that you shamed publicly and have been trying to get back with this pathetic ass apology tour. But if he likes it I love it! Judging from the sales figures for this album it translates to a flop where album sales are concerned. The good thing for Robin is that I don’t really focus too much on album sales to determine if I like an album or not. I actually listen to lyrical content and musicality of an album.

Paula is a soulful album and there is no doubt that Robin Thicke is a phenomenal artist, but the album is all over the place. The album sounds like he rushed into the studio to put out something in an effort to fulfill contractual obligations. The release of this album was honestly too soon after his last album. To me the album sounds like a Broadway musical think Dreamgirls.  The album had a few songs I enjoyed. Get Her Back, is probably my favorite song off the album, it is vintage Robin Thicke. Still Madly Crazy,is another song that I liked because it went along with the theme of the album or at least it felt that way. Forever Love is another track that goes along with the theme of the album. Pass those three songs I really wasn’t impressed with the album. It sounds rushed and sounds like Robin just ran into the studio and haphazardly  put something together.

If anyone has seen “Lost Without You” Robin Thicke please tell him to come back to us, we miss him. Also tell him to stop all this damn begging out here in these streets, it’s clearly not working! I do hope that Paula and Robin can at least be friends and co-parent their young son. The album isn’t unbearable, but it’s not one I could listen to in its entirety. I found myself skipping tracks more so than listening.  As I say at the end of all my reviews form your own opinion where music is concerned and in general.

Final Rating 1.5/5

Whut say you?



  1. I only like “Lock The Door”. I agree the project was all over the place – lacks cohesive ability to keep us rooting for him and interested in the music. Should have channeled those “Confessions” by Uncle Usher!


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