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Album Review: The Autobiography: Seen It All-Jeezy




Jeezy dropped his new album, The Autobiography: Seen It All, and let me just say I can’t stop playing it. Keep in mind that I have never sold a drug a day in my life, but when I listen to Jeezy he makes me think I been trappin for years! The thing I like about Jeezy is that he doesn’t deviate too far from his normal formula. This works for him, whereas with some artist this doesn’t work. This album is in the same vein as his previous albums complete with classic Jeezy ad-libs, which all Jeezy fans look forward to. The album has 12 tracks and features Akon, Jay-Z, Game, Rick Ross, Boosie, and Future.

There isn’t one song that I can say that I don’t like, but I like some more than others. The opening track 1/4 Block is one of my favorites track the guitar riff used throughout the song does something for me. Enough is one of those motivational song Jeezy is famous for, and as the hook states, “If you grind hard enough…”you can just about anything that you want.  On Holy Ghost, Jeezy reflects on his past, specifically the consequences that come with selling drugs. He raps about the grim reality of his past lifestyle( jail, death, lost of friends)

The title track Seen It All featuring Jay-Z, is my favorite track off the album. The combination of Jeezy & Jay is never wrong. They both ride the beat without issue. Beautiful, is a mellow laid-back track featuring the Game & Rick Ross. Think Maybach Music Part 20 lol. I like this track something you can put on and cruise to. Beez Like, is another motivational song, that you will find yourself singing along with. It features Boosie, who was recently released from jail. On the closing track, How I Did It(Perfection),  Jeezy recounts how he rose from selling to drugs into a successful rap artist. Many can’t make that transition.

The album as a whole is cohesive and doesn’t stray from a formula that works. Jeezy is known to bring the whole hood out when he performs live, and this album is sure to do just that. The beauty of Jeezy is he relates to guys out in the street hustling, but he also is also somewhat able to infiltrate middle America. Jeezy knows his core audience and he capitalizes on that.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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