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Album Review: ‘Three Kings’-TGT



The super group TGT( Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank ) released their album today. Before I get started on this review let me say that I like a few  of Tyrese’s songs, I like all of Ginuwine’s classic songs(Timbaland and Missy Era), and Tank has few hits that I listen to. Now that we have that out of the way, let me register my opinion song by song. I promise to be as gentle as possible.

Take It Wrong

This song is a mid-tempo song, featuring Black-Ty *side eye*( Tyrese). I actually like this song, but I really wish Mr. Gibson would stick to the rivers and lakes that he is used to, and those would be acting and singing.  Leave the rapping to Jay-Z and Kendrick. I could have went my whole life without Black Ty’s part.

No Fun 

This song samples the Snoop Dogg song “Ain’t No Fun,” and this song doesn’t stray far from the original premise of Snoop’s song. We find these grown ass men singing about sharing women *yawns*. Every man’s fantasy right?  Then add on top of that a rap from a rapper who I never heard of named Problem, and now you see my problem with the song. I don’t hate this song, but if your going to use Snoop’s sample why not call up Snoop and the homies to hop on this. I honestly think this could have been a better song if it were executed differently.

Sex Never Felt Better

This song is in heavy rotation all over radio, and I must say this was a great first single. I really like this song all three men shine on this song.

I Need

This song is nice ballad, all three men shine on this song, I think this was great choice for a second single. We find the guys begging for forgiveness. This song is just the right balance of begging and singing. Good job guys!

Next Time Around

On this song we find the guys telling their ladies they will be ready next time around *yawns*. The song is not terrible, but its sounds like everything else on the album.


This was totally a waste of time, and could have been left off the album, but I digress!


I like this song, it is a nice little panty dropper. The guys sing about anticipating making love with a lady, hence the title Hurry

Weekend Love

The songs on the album don’t stray far from their titles. The guys sing about weekend love. Not a bad song,but again it sounds exactly like every thing else on the album.

Lesson In Love

Another song that sounds like the song before *yawns*


Another unnecessary interlude, I see Tyrese was left  alone in studio for this here BS! You know what they say about idle hands *pushes cuticles back*


Don’t stop it get it get it get it…Is this a Luke song or a TGT song? Not a fan of this song at all. NEXT!

FYH(F*ck You Happy)

I won’t even waste my keystrokes on this one, you get the idea, I will let you be judge.


Didn’t Usher already make “OMG”? I don’t hate this song it would sound good on a “Get The Draws” playlist.

Running Back

*yawns* Sounds like 2 other songs I heard previously on the album

Burn Out

*clips toe nails* Refer to the above song

Tearing It Down


Our House

Another song that sounds exactly like everything else on the album.


There is no disputing that fact that all three vocalist are talented, but this album sounds like the same song  over and over again. We get it guys, your going to f*ck the ladies silly, but did every song have to be about that? R&B music doesn’t always have to be about how good you are in the bedroom or how your going to murder a female’s vagina. This album lacks originality, creativity, and is very one dimensional. I am sure the women will eat this up, and a lot of children will be conceived off this album. The album is not unbearable to listen to, but I was expecting more what with the way Tyrese has been talking during many interviews. My three favorite tracks off the album are: Sex Never Felt Better, I Need, and Hurry.

Sidenote: Why exactly is Fantasia opening for TGT on tour, s houldn’t it be the other way around?#questionsthatneedanswers


Final Rating 2/5


What do you think of the album?




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