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Album Reviews: Testimony-August Alsina, The New Classic-Iggy Azalea, Honest-Future


Now normally we would review each of these albums separately, but since none of them really moved us, we’ll cover it all in the one post. Welp! Let’s go ahead and get into it.

Testimony- August Alsina

Mr. “I Love This Sh*t” AKA August Alsina released his debut album, Testimony, last week. We really tried to see it for Alsina’s debut album but unfortunately the album falls flat for us. In our honest opinion the album sounds like the same song repeated over and over again, with a different rapper to break up the repetition. Alsina’s voice sounds one-dimensional, and lacks depth. While Alsina has a great back story we don’t get that from his voice or his delivery. There is not one song on the album, outside of, I Love This Sh*t, that we can really say that we liked. Nothing really grabbed us. It’s not awful, but not spectacular either.We Can’t say we expected more from him, because honestly we didn’t. Let’s hope Chris Brown works out his legal issues very soon so he can show them how it is done. The final word is if you are August Alsina fan get his album, but if you’re not a stan I would listen to it on Spotify.

Final Rating 1/5

The New Classic-Iggy Azalea

Australian model turned rapper Iggy Azalea has released her debut album titled, The New Classic, and let’s just say this title is clearly reaching because as much as we tried to give this album a chance we just couldn’t get with it. We are used a different type of female MC, something like Foxy Brown during her golden era.  The album sounds all over the place, it feels like her handlers are struggling to figure out her sound. Iggy is not a terrible MC, she actually has the potential to be great, if she finds her lane. None of the songs really grabbed us at all. Hopefully some of these song can remixed or something because this album isn’t doing for us at all. Final word is  back to the drawing board!

Final Rating 1/5


Ciara’s baby’s daddy released his second studio album titled, Honest, and we are going to be honest we enjoy a little ratchet music every now and then. Future gives us just that with this album. He doesn’t stray far from his normal formula. Move That Dope incites instant ratchetness in us, so much so it was The Ratchet Song of the Week . The title track, Honest, is another favorite of ours as well. The other standout track for us is, Sh!t, it sticks to Future’s normal formula and is another one that incites instant ratchetness in us. As much as we like Future, there is only so much yodeling/singing/rapping we can take. For us Future is the type of artist that we like select songs from, but enduring a whole album is a bit much for us. Now we did like Andre 3000’s verse on Benz Friendz(Whatchutola). 3 Stacks kind of overshadows Future on the song, it is a very odd pairing, but we are always HERE for a Andre 3000 verse. Final word on this album is that it gives Future’s die-hard fans just what they want, and give us those few ratchet songs we need to keep our ratchetness at a reasonable level.

Final Rating 2/5


Whut say you?

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