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[ALBUM STREAM] Crash & Burn-Traci Braxton




That damn Braxton bunch is talented!

Traci Braxton is next up to bat with her début album, Crash and Burn. Many overlook Traci when it comes to the Braxtons, what with Toni being a legend and Tamar out her slaying stages. But Traci will not be ignored and she definitely has something to say.

Traci has given her “Tray Bird” a treat, she is letting her fans hear her new album before you can buy it. The album features 11 tracks and a guest appearance from Raheem DeVaughn. Traci’s first single, Last Call, isn’t half bad if can get past the overused autotune. It is a decent effort. The album drops on October 7.  Until then take a listen HERE

Also check out the video for Last Call

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQwSDsxbee4?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

Whut say you?



  1. Damn Tra looking Hot, love the Song, a Lil overuse at the end, but it doesn’t bother me et all! Yes yes Tra! She’s interested!

  2. Get the ummmm out of dodge, I can’t even listen to anymore if this all, why you ask? Because I need it in my cd player as if yesterday….I’m going to wait and get the full effect if this special treat!!!!! Thank you Braxtons for some grownup music with meaning!


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