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Are We Here For The Men’s Romper Or Nah?


Kinfolk! So I’m scrolling my timeline on Instagram and Twitter as I normally do, so that I can keep my finger on the pulse of all the fuckery that is present in these streets with “45” in office. As I am scrolling I see “Black Twitter” going in on what I assume is the “new” but not really new men’s fashion trend, “the men’s romper” started by the RompHim Kickstarter.


Now I guess because “rompers” are traditionally considered to be female clothing item, this is automatically a problem for some small minded individuals(so-called straight men). I’ve heard and read comments like “Can women have something?” or “That’s gay as hell!” I honestly don’t see how a piece of clothing can make someone gay!?! Can some enlighten me please? This trend is not new, some of y’all Daddies were rocking romper long and short back in 70’s!

Surely, Jim Brown and Ike Turner weren’t gay or in some way less masculine because of their clothing choices. I honestly feel if people spent more time concerned about their own affairs and not the affairs of others the world would a better place! If a man wants to put on romper as a form of self -expression then so GOTDAMN be it! Is what someone else wearing affecting you or your bottom line? I highly doubt it. To each his or her own. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you! PERIOD! If Young Joc can rock a bang and swoop, then why can’t Young Dro wear a romper? That is his business! Be concerned about your own sh*t!

Whut say you?


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