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Artists You Should Be Listening To: Ravyn Lenea


Kinfolks! Y’all know I am always looking for new and interesting artist to listen too as I love music. I was checking out cassiuslife.com and stumbled upon an article centered around new and upcoming artists, so you know I had to click. After clicking on several of the YouTube videos featured in the article. I discovered Ravyn Lenae, so quite naturally I scurried over to my trusty Apple Music app to listen to more of her music.

Apparently Lenae has been around since 2010, I clearly have been under a rock! Her voice has an airy quality and it sounds like if Erykah Badu were to venture into electronic music. Lenae’s current project is titled, Midnight Moonlight, the EP includes 6 tracks. My favorite of the 6 tracks is Genesis, check it out below:

Check out Ravyn’s new EP and also check out her previous works she has definitely been added to my library.

Whut say you?


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