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B. Scott & BET Let Bygones Be Bygones


What a difference 2 years and a settlement makes!

Blogger, YouTuber, and Podcaster B Scott sat front row with Leverne Cox at The BET Awards this past Sunday. I was shocked to see that B Scott attended the event being that she and the network had such a storied past. 

Let me bring you up to speed if you’re not familiar with the story. B Scott was hired to work the red carpet at the 2013 Bet Awards, keep in mind that B Scott is transgendered and had worked for the network previously with no issue. Also keep in kind that her wardrobe was approved prior to going on the red carpet. To make a long story short Scott was unceremoniously yanked from the red carpet after doing her first interview and made to change from her women’s wear into men’s wear. She was also asked to remove her make-up and pull her hair back. Suffice to say B Scott and her Love Muffins were not happy! B. Scott sued and litigation ensued. The case was settled. Fast forward to Sunday’s show and B Scott is sitting front row. So all seems to be well.

Check out what B Scott had to say regarding the situation:

Dear love muffins,

Since I started my career, it’s always been important for me to give each opportunity my best — which includes presenting myself in a manner that I feel is true for me.

Now that BET and I have reached a settlement that I am more than pleased with, it was truly wonderful to be able to attend the BET Awards, walk the red carpet, and sit front row in the manner I originally intended.

Since my dust up with BET, I’m sure you love muffins have seen an increase in LGBT representation on the network. It makes my heart smile to know that I was a part of that change.

This is much bigger than being transgender, this is about everyone having the equal right to express themselves however they choose.

I would like to thank all my love muffins, BET, Debra Lee and Stephen Hill.

Double Kisses xoxo!

B. Scott

Whut say you?



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