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Baby Mama Drama: Future In Child Support Battle With Baby Mama #2



Ciara’s Boo rapper Future, seems to have had one too many Body Parties!

According to TMZ, Future has taken responsibility for another child, which is great, but the problem now is he is in court battling his child’s mother over child support.

Originally a woman named Brittni Mealy slapped the rapper with a paternity suit claming that Future was her son’s father back in Feb, but later dropped the claim for unexplained reasons. Then on June 8, Future decided to own up to his responsibility and filed documents admitting he fathered Mealy’s son and asking the court to legally recognize him as the father. Future also asked the court for joint custody of the child and also wants the court to determine how much support he should pay.

Not to be outdone Mealy has filed documents claiming the child support is not sufficient, and that Future left the child without support for months. She is asking for cash and future support. If that’s not enough Future is still in court battling the mother of his 10 year old son, Jessica Smith,over child support

Ladies and gentlemen the moral of this story is: 1.Use condoms/birth control 2. Be careful who you lay down with because you will be stuck dealing with that person at least until your child turns 25. So be sure he or she is the one!

I hope Future can get all these child support issues worked out and I hope this doesn’t put a damper on his relationship with CiCi or she will be singing “I’m Out”




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