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Basketball Wives Season 5 Premiere Recap



They’re Back!!!

The ladies of Basketball Wives returned tonight for season 5 of the ever popular VH1 reality series that follows the lives of basketball wives, groupies, and others. This season’s cast is much smaller with only 5 ladies including: Shaunie(HBIC), Evelyn,Tami, Suzie, and new comer Tasha Marbury.

In the season premiere we find Evelyn trying to pick up the pieces after her highly publicized assault at the hands of her ex-husband Chad Johnson. I think the best part of the whole Ev/Chad rehashing was when is Ev’s daughter basically says she never liked Chad in the beginning, and that she told her mom to leave Chad alone(listen to your children).

We also find my favorite cast member Tami Roman, whom I have been rocking with since The Real World Season 2(when reality television was actually reality) trying to work on her sometimes out of control temper, and admits she is still a work in progress. Tami also reveals that things are tight financially. She states that she receives no support from here ex-husband Kenny Anderson, and she has to cover her ailing moms medical expenses(Tami’s recently passed away from liver cancer), and other family expenses. In this scene we get to see a more human side of Tami when she sheds a few tears. This is a departure from the hard Tami viewers are used to seeing.

In the premiere we also find out that Suzie has had some type of surgery done, I assume to correct her lisp,that “Black Twitter” gave her hell about for the first four seasons of BBW. I honestly don’t see the need for Suzie anymore, but I guess we need someone who can’t hold water in a bucket with a top on it, to ramp up the drama.

During dinner the ladies discuss the Ev/Chad saga once again! *yawns* Tami suggest that Ev should try to work it out with Chad after he assaulted her *side-eye* leaving a huge gash in her forehead *blank stare*. I am a firm believer that there are three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the gotdamn truth! My blank stare was at an all time high when Tami gave Ev this terrible ass advice, but hey who am I?

We didn’t get to meet the newest cast member, Tasha Marbury(wife of Stephon Marbury) I guess she will show up next week and hopefully she is not boring. I was really unimpressed with this episode and very much over the Ev/Chad debacle *pushes cuticles back*. I am all for finding a balance between ratchetness and positivity, but tonight premiere was a snooze fest. Hopefully Shaunie hasn’t watered down the series so much that it becomes boring. I am not ashamed to say that I honestly tune for the ratchetness that is BBW and make no apologies for it, JUDGE ME! If I wanted to see a kumbaya type of show I would gon on over to Mama O’s OWN network for that.

Hopefully the season improves as it progresses and the ladies are able to strike a good between ratchet and positive.




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