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The BET Awards 2014  has come and gone once again. With that being said what would it be without a review from Wait…Wait…Whut!?! Welp! Let’s dive right in! The host for this years award was comedian Chris Rock, and we must say that when he was first announced we were kind of skeptical because Chris is kinda of hit or miss with us. To our surprise Chris Rock was a good for the show. His jokes were spot on! His jokes about T.I. and Rick Ross were EPIC! He didn’t do too much, he gave us just enough.

Now on to the performances(may not be in order, but hey you’ll figure it out). Pharrell Williams who had a stellar year, opened the show with Come Get It Bae, from his GIRL album. The performance was good, but it was taken to another level when fellow Virginia native, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, graced the stage and ran through her hit song, Pass That Dutch. This was a pleasant surprise. Note to Pharrell stylist, please make the closures on Mr. Williams’s clothes Velcro if he plans on taking off pieces during performance. He struggled with that pesky button and finally got it loose.

Next up was DeWayne Carter AKA Lil Wayne, we honestly haven’t f*cked with Wayne since the Carter IV, he just ain’t been right since then. This performance of Krazy & Believe Me did absolutely nothing for us. Die hard Young Money fans would probably disagree, but who really cares. Can someone please locate “Pre-Syrup Lil Wayne” we miss him and want him to come back.

John Legend was up next to bat and he performed, You & I, which we love. John did his usual sing at the piano and stand up sing thing nothing overly spectacular, but he he did bring out Jhene Aiko to duet on Sail Out and The Worst. We were concerned when she first came out because here lately Jhene hasn’t been sounding her best during live performances. To our surprise she actually did good. Hood mice go up for The Worst, they know every GOTDAMN word and that was clear when Keyshia Coleslaw Cole was in the audience reciting every words. Great collaboration between the two artists.

Fresh outta the jail and looking very healthy and well nourished was Christopher Maurice Brown performing Loyal with Lil Wayne and Tyga. Since Chris was looking healthy and we were glad to see him performing again we won’t go into too hard on his outfit. The performance reminded us of Usher’s My Way Video but refreshed for 2014. Travis Barker came out and did a drum solo during the performance. You will never say that Chris brown is not talented. Glad to to see Breezy back to doing what he does and looking like he actually consumes food. Let’s hope this young man stays outta trouble long enough to release and tour with this new album.

Now y’all know Urrrrrrrsher couldn’t let Justin Timberlake give a mini concert at the VMA’s without giving his own mini concert at The BET Awards. Ursh came out and ran through all of his hits, and then attempted to play the drum for his new single, Good Kisser. Usher’s performance was good, but for some reason we don’t get the UMMPH! from Mr. Raymond that he used to give back in his Yeah! days. All in all it was a good performance and Usher let you further know, he too has hits for days.

Ms. Weight Watchers AKA Jennifer Hudson was up next and she began her performance with her new single, Walk It Out, produced by Timbaland. Jennifer was giving you Whitney Houston in The Body Guard singing Queen of the Night, the only thing that Jennifer was missing was the metal helmet Whit Whit wore in the movie. We were HERE for Walk It Out, but then J-Hudd decided to take us to Studio 54, and sing a new song called, It’s Your World, now you’ll never hear us say that Jennifer doesn’t sing her face off, but we were NOT HERE for the disco inferno that she decided to inundate us with. We were just fine Walking It Out like DJ Unk, but we get that she had to push new music from her new album.

Onika AKA Nicki Minaj was up next, she began her performance with an unknown song/freestyle on the back of motorcycle and then performed her new song, Pills and Potions, which we love! So since Nicki toned down the wigs and costumes she opted to give us Super Mario Bros meets the hood with her set. Like I said we love the song and maybe the set fit the song in some kind of way, but we don’t have the energy to sit up and try and figure it out. Good job Onika, you always dare to be different.

It is always touch and go when it comes to Lifetime Achievement Award tributes, and this time was no different. John Legend, Ledisi, and Yolonda Adams came out to honor Lionel Richie. John was a good choice and he sang Hello. Ledisi sang Brick House, and Yolonda Adams stole the show when she took everyone to church with Jesus Is Love, we almost started shouting before it was all said and done. This tribute was just ok for us, more could have been done to honor Lionel Richie, but we won’t split hairs, we have definitely seen worst. After giving his speech Lionel hit the stage to run through some of his hits, but he didn’t perform Zoom, which we were waiting for. That song right there would have had everyone standing on their chair, but AH WELL! Maybe  we’ll catch him at one these summer festival and he’ll perform it.

TIP AKA T.I. who was the butt of many of Chris Rock’s jokes during the evening was up next. He performed No Mediocre, which is his new single and at the root of his beef with Azelia Banks. I know your saying WHO? we said the same thing, we wont’ even bother explaining. For the record Tiny looked very nice during the show, and also lets be clear Tiny ain’t never did nothing to NOBODY!  TIP brought out Iggy Azalea to perform her song, Fancy, which is probably one of the few songs we like from her album. It was an ok performance nothing really jaw dropping or spectacular.

August Alsina performed Kissing On My Tattoos and I Luv This Sh*t during the show. Before we comment on his performances we would like for August to know what he is nominated for when asked, he had no clue on the red carpet. Anyway we were praying that no one snatched this young man’s hat because he would have shut the whole show down, luckily no one did! August struggled in our opinion during this performance that was until Trey Songz and Chris Brown joined him on stage for the remix to I Luv This Sh*t. Apparently August and Songz kissed and made up. After August left the stage Trey stayed to perform his sing NaNa with scantily clad dancers, typical Trey. He has come a long way in his performance, but we want to see that hunger he used to have when he sang Wonder Woman, but hey that’s probably too much to ask, he has arrived or not LOL!

BET always has a trick up their sleeve and last night was no different. The curtain is raised and none other than 90’s R&B group Troop graces the stage and performs what has to be one of our favorite Jackson 5 songs, All I Do Is Think of You, yes I said J5 do your research. At this point we were up on the couch reciting all the words. Leave it to BET to dig up artists from the career crypt(I kid!). As if that wasn’t enough Color Me Bad, comes out with some unknown lead singer to perform I Wanna Sex You Up, which used to get heavy rotation on Jukebox, they just looked happy to be out the house. Next up was Silk, singing Freak Me, all the ladies panties were juicy. Day 26 could never and should never ever try and remake a Silk classic. This was by far the highlight of the show for us.

Robin Thicke’s  Get Her Back Apology Tour was in full swing at the awards last night, Thicke dedicated his performance to Paula and apologized yet again. Thicke poured his heart out while singing over the piano and even cried. We hope all this begging is wearing Paula down because honestly we are tired of it. Is y’all is or is y’all ain’t getting back together! Enough already! If were choosing songs we would have much rather him performed, Get Her Back, at least we could have done our two-step to that, but hey who are we.

Now when the opening credits rolled and Queen Bey and Jay-Z were announced we knew that all BET could hope for was a pre-recorded Skype video because The Carters are currently #ontherun and don’t have time for your little awards show BET. A Skype video of Queen Bey and Jay-Z peforming Partition was all BET got LOL! We can’t wait for The Carters to converge upon the Georgia Dome on July 15 so we can see this full production.

Before we close out this review we must say that Onika AKA Nicki Minaj’s shade is EPIC!!!!! It’s almost as good as RiRi’s shade. Nicki won best female MC for the 5th time, and she shaded Iggy Azalea’s entire life with her acceptance speech. Oh and BET we peeped just how messy you all are, when y’all took the camera straight to Nicki when Iggy was on the stage, DUUUUUUURDY!

In addition to that the civil rights piece, the Ruby Dee & Maya Angelou tributes were touching. Tyrese was about to go in honoring the late great Bobby Womack, but BET cut to commercial, we reckon K-Ci was booked.

All in all the show was good, it was kind of long, but that’s to be expected when trying to pack all of that into one night. We hope Mike Tyson’s announcement that he is hosting the Soul Train Awards was a mean joke. Well that’s all folks, see you for the next awards show.

Whut say you?


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