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Beyoncé Breaks iTunes Record Selling 828,773 And Counting!


The Queen Bey shocked the world dropping her 5th album with no warning or promotion.

According Apple Bey has sold 828,773 copies of her album in three days. Also she has the fastest selling album in iTunes history according to a press release from Apple.

Add to that Bey is the highest selling female artist of 2013. She will effortlessly debut at #1 on Billboard 200 when the chart is released on Wednesday.

Talk about having the best week ever, your fav wishes they could release an album with no promotion or warning and sell that many copies. Beyoncé has forever changed the game, and you know what? There is nothing your fav can do about it lol!

She is unstoppable!
(Beyoncé slander is not allowed at http://www.waitwaitwhut.com)


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