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Black Ink Crew Chicago Episode 1 Recap



VH1 has taken the Black Ink Franchise to Chicago and I must say that the Chicago cast is leaps and bounds ahead of the NY cast. No shade, but shade the Chicago cast looks far less ashy in comparison to NY and I saw actual tattooing. *cough cough* The show is centered around Ryan Henry’s  9 Mag tattoo shop on , which was formed after his sister Nova Henry was murdered. 

In the first episode we are introduced to shop owner and founder of 9 Mag, Ryan Henry. We are also introduced to brothers Phor and Don. In addition to being  a tattoo artist Phor is also a rapper. Don is Phor’s assistant and he is also a father to a young boy. These two brothers have an unbreakable bond. Kat is the only female tattoo artist in the studio and she is heavily sought after, so much so that guys book appointments and let her tattoo whatever she wants on them. Van is another tattoo artist and the brawn of the shop. He will steam roll you if pushed. Charmagne is the event planner for the shop and responsible for parties. Danielle is the sexy receptionist and peacemaker.

Episode 1 gave us a little back story on each cast member. To sum it up Ryan is an talented asshole and the glue that holds the shop together. Don is fucking Charmagne, and also has a crazy baby mama. That’s pretty much what I took from episode 1. The most heartbreaking part of the episode was to find out that the shop was founded after Ryan’s sister(Nova Henry) and niece were killed by her boyfriend/lawyer. This was chronicled on TVOne’s Fatal Attraction.

If episode 1 is any indication of what the rest of the season will be, I am HERE for it! Check out full cast bios HERE and check back next week for my recap. 

Bye Bye Black Ink Crew New York hello Black Ink Crew Chicago, will you be watching? 

Whut say you?

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