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Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Episode 6: You’re Not God And You’re Not My Daddy


Kinfolk when we last left the crew Kat and Phor were getting hot and heavy in the elevator after throwing Patron shots back. We pick up in episode 6, the morning after. Kat and Phor claim they didn’t smash, but I am not convinced of that. They talk about trying to make something work between the two of them. Phor reassures Kat that he has her back no matter what.

The guys visit the ashy ass Black Ink Crew NY (BIC:NY ) and yes Cee’s, Dutchess, her dessert like lips, and her nasty disposition were there. Meanwhile back at the hotel the ladies discuss Kat and Phor’s wild night where they claim they didn’t have sex, but again I am not convinced. Charmaine offers Kat advice from the 10 THOT Commandmends Instuctional Manual. They also discuss the the BIC:NY welcome party they are throwing for BIC:Chi. Kat has decided not to attend.

Back at BIC:NY shop Ryan seeks Caesar’s advice in regards to the Kat situation because I guess he should have some wisdom to impart based on how he’s handled things in the past *side-eye* C’s advice to Ryan is that he needs to cut Kat loose look out for his own best interest. Now I have tried to see this issue from both sides, I can’t wrap my head around trying to hold somebody back from spreading their wings under the guise of “loyalty”. Especially when the fellas have proved to be lazy where conventions are concerned. We shall see how this plays out because I can’t rock with Ryan on this one. 

Over at the convention space Kat has set up her booth and uses her own Kat Tat banner because initially the fellas didn’t want to participate, and at the last minute decided to support Kat. Now I can see how this could be perceived as shade, but at the same time y’all negros wanted no parts of the convention. 

At BIC:NY welcome party for BIC: Chi it’s a ashy mess. Don is mad that Kat has decided not to attend so much so that he feels compelled to pull Phor outside to discuss this issue. Don feels Kat isn’t humble enough in a nutshell. Danielle and Charmaine show up at the shop. Don and Charmiane argue/flirt in front of company. When Charmaine is asked about what happened between her and Don, she wastes no time spilling all the tea to anyone who will listen. You can guess what happens next,Don goes from 0 to 100 real quick! Van step in and reprimands them both for discussing shop business in front of company. Don is still amped, and Ryan takes him out back to try and calm him down. In the process Skyy(BIC:NY) drunk and slobbing ass comes out to throw gasoline on the fire, she and Ryan end up getting into a shouting match. It’s a hot ghetto mess.

They next day the ladies discuss the night before. Charmaine feels wronged and feels like she is being made out to be a hoe. I don’t totally understand why she keeps bringing it up, y’all fucked! What’s the big f*cking deal? Also, Charmaine you at least knew Don lived with his son’s mother. This whole story about what Don told you is null and void, negros will tell you what you want to hear to get in your pants! Common sense says that if he is living with his son’s mother, 9 times out of 10 they are still involved in someway! But common sense isn’t so I digress. 

At the park the fellas discuss Kat’s alleged disloyalty, Ryan compares her to Ol Dirty Bastard in Wu Tang. Kat and Phor’s date is discussed as well as Charmaine and Don situation.Don has convinced himself that he didn’t sleep with Charmaine or that’s what he wants us to believe.

Ryan and the other fellas slide through the the convention and notice the 9 Mag space marker on the floor. Ryan is instantly pissed off along with the rest of the guys. Now Kat could have added 9 Mag to her banner somewhere, to show her affiliation. I guess that would have been a good compromise, but I don’t know that she was that much in the wrong. The fellas wanted no parts of the convention until zero hour and haven’t attended other conventions because they apparently didn’t see the point of networking. 

Don and Charmaine speak at the convention. He wants to apologize for the way he acted the night before at the BIC:NY party, but Charmaine is still on a quest to make Don acknowledge that they did have sex. Don isn’t having it. These two are beating a dead horse. Everyone knows y’all fucked, why do we need Don to confirm what we all already know! I wish we didn’t have to keep revisiting this same story, but they need a storyline. 

Later that night the crew goes to the club. Kat is mad because Phor isn’t giving her the attention she wants. There’s is tension between Kat and Ryan. To quell this tension Kat pulls Ryan to the side for a discussion outside and the coversation takes a turn for the worst. Ryan feels she is disloyal and getting the big head. Kat feels she she shouldn’t limit  herself and feels like Ryan is trying to act like her father. Now I will say Kat does owe 9 Mag a little bit of credit for her success, but at what point is the proverbial debt repaid? Ryan is wrong as two left shoes where this is concerned, but this all goes back to his abandonment issues. 

Check back next week for another recap. If you missed the previous week’s episodes check out my other recaps! 

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