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Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 1 Episode 5: New York, New Problems [RECAP]



Kinfolk so when we last left the crew Ryan has hopped in an Uber and headed home because he doesn’t know how to effectively express himself. We pick up with Van and Kat having a discussion about Ryan’s erratic behavior and how it’s affecting the whole shop. Ryan joins the two in conversation and is not happy about the criticism he receives and basically shuts down. I’m no shrink, but Ryan has yet to properly grieve the death of his sister and has not done the work to deal with his adandonment issues he has with his mother. On top of that his son is leaving to go to LA  causing him to feel like the walls are closing in on him.

Kat is joined by Charmaine and Danielle at her apartment where they discuss an upcoming tatto convention taking place in NY that Kat is planning to attend. Kat originally wanted the crew to go as whole, but the guys wanted no parts of it. Phor again is the topic of discussion, and Kat has the nerve to be bothered that Phor didn’t respond to her drunks texts, keep in mind she shot him down when he tried to get on! Kat is clearly playing games, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Back at the shop the crew is discussing the upcoming tatto convention that the fellas didn’t want to attend 7 months prior. Now the fellas want to attend and Ryan feels some kinda way about the fact Kat is attending the covention solo. I am starting to think Ryan is f*cking nuts. He of course storms off to pout which is becoming his normal MO when he doesn’t get his way. 

Phor has landed a meeting with Epic Records which is kinda of big deal. We get some insight into how Phor came to be in this episode. Phor’s mother worked construction, dad wasn’t in the home, and the family had to live in hotel as result of eviction. This upbringing shaped Phor into the man he is today and we understand why he has such a strong work ethic.

Ryan meets his mom for lunch and he vents about Kat being disloyal for wanting to spread her wings. He also talks to his mom about his feelings of abandonment after she separated from his father at 7, leaving him with his dad. As I mentioned previously these childhood issues and also his sister’s murder are part of the reason why he feels the crew is abandoning him. This is something that if not dealt with properly could be disasterous for the business and his friendships. Ryan’s mom explains why she left. I honestly take my hat off to her for realizing her situation wasn’t healthy and would in the long run would be more detrimental to her children. While it wasn’t the ideal situation, staying would have probably been worst.

Back at the shop Phor talks with Kat and attempts to figure out her mixed signals. Basically Kat was playing games because she’s been hurt in the past, but realizes that Phor is actually serious about wanting to try make something work between them. They agree to meet up for dinner in NY because Phor will be there for the Epic records meeting at the same time of the tattoo convention.

The fellas decide to attend the conference under the guise of going to support Kat, but really they are going to party with that ashy ass Black Ink Crew NY. Phor meets with the Epics records rep and is dealt some hard truths: 1. One he needs to pick a lane with his music and 2. He can’t tattoo and persue music full time. Phor takes the constructive criticism and vows to work harder. Fast forward to later that eveing Phor and Kat have dinner and there is a lot of alcohol and flirtation going on. They end up back at her room and of course they smashed. Check back next week for my recap and if you missed any others episodes check out the other episode recaps. Until next week Kinfolk! 


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