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Black Ink Crew Episode 3 Recap



Kinfolk when we left the crew last week Don and Charmaine were having a very loud argument outside of the club. So episode 3 picks up the next morning. Charmaine can’t remember her THOTish behavior because she had way to much to drink. She’s still going with the story that she had no idea about Don’s relationship with the mother of his son. Now while part of me could believe Don fed her some bullshit about them being broken up, she is going to have a hard time convincing me that she was completely oblivious to Don’s situation. But ima let her rock with this story for now, but bish I see right through you! 

Ryan is still reeling from the realization that his ex-girlfriend is moving clear across the country to LA with his son. He finds solace with his family at his younger sister’s birthday celebration. The family discusses the whole move and Ryan’s feelings about it. We learn that Ryan’s parents separated when he was very young, and he ended up with his dad. His mom was in and out of his life, which caused him to have issues and he turned to a life of crime. The turning point for Ryan was the birth of his son,he did a complete 180. I must say that I like this story arc, it’s not ratchet and ghetto it’s actually real. Ryan’s family vows to support him during this transition. Ryan is actually a good father and provider from what I can tell. It sucks that his son has to move away. Let’s hope that it works out for him.

Phor is at crossroads with his musical career and tattoo career. His musical career is the verge of taking off, and during a conversation with Ryan he reveals that he would choose his musical career over tattooing. Ryan isn’t happy, but he is supportive of his friend’s musical aspirations.

Meanwhile back at the shop Charmaine and Don have a discussion, and she is still going with this whole story that she wasn’t aware of Don’s girlfriend/baby mother. Don loses his temper with Charmaine’s insistence that she didn’t know about his situation. Don’s temper seems to be out of control, he went from 0 to 100 real quick. Charmaine proclaims she isn’t a “side chick” and we don’t believe you, you need more people! Bish you knew! We’ll see how this drama plays out.

We get back story on Van in this episode. Long story short, his father died when he was very young and with no father figure he spiraled out of control, this is a common thread among the male cast members.Van went to jail and served his time. Van has 13-year-old daughter and she is his life. 9 Maag has helped him turn his life around, but a recent gun charge threatens to disrupt all of that. He is facing 18 months in jail, which is all bad.

During preparation for his show Kat and Charmaine visits Phor at the studio. He invites Kat out on date and she reluctantly accepts. For the date Phor prepares(orders) dinner for Kat and gives her roses and wine. Kat is overwhelmed, and basically tells Phor she doesn’t want a man. Kat has been hurt in the past, and doesn’t want to let her guard down because she loves hard. She isn’t convinced that Phor can give up his womanizing ways. We’ll see is Kat changes her tune as the season progresses, Phor seems very persistent.

Back at the shop, one of Don’s former teammates visits the shop to get a tattooed by Phor, and Don gets nostalgic about his derailed basketball career(he was apparently destined for the NBA). We find out that in a drunken rage(after his girlfriend cheated) Don walks into a dorm while at school and assaults several people and also a police officer. Add on top of that a DUI and his NBA aspirations went down the drain. The crazy and most shocking part for me was the fact that Don has THREE degrees! With three degrees he can’t get find employment because of his criminal record. Our criminal justice system needs to be totally overhauled. That don’t make good GOTDAMN sense!

So the night of Phor’s show of course he is nervous about performing because there are record execs in the audience. Phor aspires to be the next Kanye. I will have to take a listen to his music before we ahead of ourselves with that comparison, because Kanye ain’t Kanye,but that’s another blog post. The whole crew is at the venue in support of Phor, and Ashley(Don’s girlfriend) shows up. This is a recipe for disaster with Charmaine and Ashley in the same room. Phor kills his performance, but it’s overshadowed by Charmaine and Don’s drama. After the show Charmaine is outside popping shit with her girls, and still going with this she didn’t know story. Ashley politely and calmly asks Charmaine to talk, and the conversation quickly goes left. Charmaine reveals that she and Don f*cked in a very nice/nasty way.You can guess what happens next, Ashley turns the entire fuck up! This whole situation was handled completely wrong on everyone’s part and clearly on the wrong night. Ashley goes inside the club to confront Don, and again he goes from 0 to 100 real quick! This whole situation could turn really bad if Don doesn’t calm down, and that’s where we leave the crew. Kinfolk check back for next week’s recap. Also check out episode 1 and episode 2 recaps!

Whut say you?

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