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Black Ink Crew Recap: Episode 7: Gossip On This 


When we last left the 9 Mag crew it was the fellas vs Kat. So that’s where we pick up in episode 7. Charmaine and Kat discuss the trip to NY and Kat is feeling some kinda of way about the way things went down. The fellas discuss the trip and Ryan still feels that Kat is disloyal.

Charmaine and Danielle chat and its revealed that Don made a pass at Charmaine the night the crew went to the club in NY, after all the bickering and back and forth they did. It’s also revealed that Don has sent some thirsty text messages to Charmaine. She claims to have thwarted his advances, but I’m not sure I believe her.

Ryan tattoos a client with a beautiful Nefertiti tatoo and comes to the conclusion that he his done with Kat if she doesn’t want to be part of the family he is trying to create at the shop.

Phor gets news that his estranged father is on his death bed in Mississippi. He is torn about whether to go to his father bedside or just let it be. Don’s father was the father figure in Phor’s life. Sadly this is the reality of many black males. All the thought about his father prompts Phor to talk to Ashley, where he tries to put in a good word for Don. He doesn’t want Don’s son to end up fatherless.

Charmaine and Danielle meet for drinks where she reveals that she and Ryan made out. Problem is Danielle has on again off again(more off again) boyfriend. She reveals that she hasn’t had relations with anyone except her boyfriend even during their off period, which makes absolutely no sense, but hey I am not here to judge her proper p*ssy management(ppm)

Kat hasn’t been to the shop since NY, but she gets word from Danielle that she has been the topic of coversation and the fellas feel she is disloyal. Of course Kat is pissed. She vows to confront them face to face.

Phor arrives in Mississippi to see his ailing father. His father is unresponsive, but Phor is able to get some things off his chest and he is able to gain some closure. After seeing this Don decides it’s time to try to work out his problems with Ashley.

Danielle and Terrance(on again and off again boyfriend) have dinner. Danielle wants to know where their so called relationship is going. Terrance isn’t willing to commit and Danielle isn’t happy and we don’t have a resolution.

Don makes dinner for Ashley and does all the cliche things(rose pedals, wine,and flowers). Ashley attempts to play hard, but eventually she gives in and Don is back in the house, for now.

Kat arrives at the shop ready to rumble. Kat spazzes out on Ryan and Co. The word  “bitch” is throw around very freely during the exchange. Ryan has a major aversion to being called a “bitch” and he is instantly incensed. Kat is mad at Phor for not standing up for her. Kat is smelling herself during the exchange an says a few things that she probably doesn’t mean. Kat says it’s all business and not personal. Ryan basically says if she wants it to be business it will just be just that. He also tells her she can leave if she wants.

9 Mag is in shambles, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Hopefully they can pull it together for the sake of the shop. Check back for more recaps and if you missed any episodes check out my other  recaps.

Whut say you?

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