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Blue Bird of Happiness-Tamar Braxton-Review


Kinfolk I’m back with another album review, it’s late I know! But again better late than never! Tamar Braxton dropped her fifth studio album titled “Blue Bird of Happiness(BBH)” on September 29, 2017. Tamar had a lot to prove with this album especially after her last album “Calling All Lovers” didn’t do as well as she expected because she couldn’t promote the project due to health issues, the album was very solid nonetheless with or without promotion.

BBH has 11 tracks, which is GREAT, y’all know how I feel about overly long albums. 10-12 tracks is sufficient, anything more is overkill.

The album is predominately slow tempo songs with a few up-tempo songs sprinkled in. I enjoyed most, if not all the songs, there weren’t any song that I had to skip over. Tamar is singing her throat out, this project showcases her vocal range.

My Forever opens the album and Tamar soars on this slow tempo, and this let’s listeners know what this album has in store for us. On Hol’ Up featuring Yo Gotti, she showcases her ratchet side, the song is reminiscent of  “Hot Sugar’ from the Love and War album. The Makings of You, samples the Auntie Gladys Knight and Uncle Curtis Mayfield song of the same title. Tamar put her on spin on the song, and doesn’t ruin the integrity of the original. This song is my favorite on BBH.favorite

Blind, samples another classic by Etta James of the same title. Again Tamar put her own spin on this song, and she delivers an amazing song. She poured her soul out on this one, Tamar’s vocal and the organ gave me goose bumps, this is another favorite of mine.  The lead single My Man, was inspired by her parent’s divorce, but could speak to the current drama going on in Tamar’s life, what with her filing for divorce from husband of 9 years, Vincent Hubert. I wouldn’t say this was the best lead single for this project, but I love it nonetheless. It’s dramatic and brass, just like she is. Pick Me Up, samples Auntie Evelyn “Champagne” King’s classic “Love Come Down”. This reimagined version puts me in the mindset of “The One,” from Love and War, this one is another gem from the album.

As the album draws to a close Tamar goes for the gusto on How I Feel, this ballad is beautiful. It sounds like she is singing from a diary entry about her current situation. This song is absolutely amazing vocally and lyrically. You can tell she left it all in the booth when she sang this one. Blue Bird of Happiness is another testament to the talent and artistry of Tamar Braxton. Many are critical of Tamar’s antics, but you can’t deny that this girl is gifted vocally. BBH is definitely worth a listen if you’re an R&B fan or fan of music in general.

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