Seven Streeter Unveils ‘Girl Disrupted’ Album Cover, Confirms July 7 Release Date 

Kinfolks! My fav Sevyn Streeter has unveiled the cover of her upcoming album ‘Girl Disrupted’ she also revealed a July 7 release date, just in time for the summer, this date is also her birthday.  It’s seems like forever since her last album dropped and apparently that is because she has experienced some ups and downs during the album creation process.

She shared the following with her fans on Instagram:

7•7•17 <G I R L D I S R U P T E D > LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!! To all of my ride or die azz fans, I love & appreciate all of your support and patience, so it's only right to give you the album on my bday🎂. The last year & a half has been an emotion rollercoaster for me. Lots of ups & downs, but I poured every ounce of it into my album! I've loved, lost & tried to LOVE again! I've been loyal to people who said fuq me & didn't return the LOYALTY! I've made the conscious choice to clear my life of anything that stood in the way of my LIBERATION and came out a better woman on the other side of it all! I'm freer than I've ever been! Happier than I've ever been! Wiser than I've ever been! Feel sexier than I've ever felt & give even less fuq's than I ever thought I could🖕🏾All of which I owe to this album! If you've ever been thru some shii, going thru some shii or just need to hear some good shii….allow me to pay it forward on my birthday, 7•7•17…..LETS DISRUPT SOME SHII👌🏾 #GIRLDISRUPTED

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I can’t wait to see what Sevyn has cooked up for us, but until then get into one of my favorite songs by her below:

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Kendrick Lamar Unveils Album Cover 

Kendrick Lamar took to Instagram to unveil the cover art for his untitled album. This is only the second post that he had made on IG. The cover art is interesting to say the least.

I am interested to see what this album is going to sound like. It’s going to be hard to follow up his classic debut album, but after listening to the controversial Blacker The Berry my interests are peaked.

Whut say you?

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J. Cole Unveils Tracklisting For 2014 Forest Hills Drive


Jermaine Cole AKA J. Cole has unveiled the tracklisting for his upcoming album, 2014 Forest Hill Drive. This is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Born Sinner.  This will be Cole’s third album, he survived the sophomore jinx, so let hope this album is just as good or better than his second album. The new album features 13 tracks and the title is a reference to his childhood home in North Carolina. The album is scheduled for release on Dec 9. He seems to be following in Beyoncé’s steps and not releasing any singles before the album release date. I am thinking he wants his fans to experience the album as an entire body of work, which I can respect if it is good body of work. With Cole I am not worried.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes until then check out the tracklisting below:

1. “Intro”
2. “January 28th”
3. “Wet Dreamz”
4. “’03 Adolescence”
5. “A Tale of 2 Citiez”
6. “Fire Squad”
7. “St. Tropez”
8. “G.O.M.D.”
9. “No Role Modelz”
10. “Hello”
11. “Apparently”
12. “Love Yourz”
13. “Note to Self”



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Album Cover: Paperwork-T.I.


TIP has revealed the cover of his new album Paperwork: The Motion Picture, which is his 9th album. The album is said to be the first of a trilogy. It is produced by Pharrell Williams. In an interview with MTV News he describes the album

“The sound sonically of this one is soulful, musical, kinda like [OutKast’s] Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik or Aquemini or [Jay Z’s] Blueprint,”

“It just has an incredible amount of soul and a perfect hybrid between the ahead-of-the-curve, new-school sound and the classic, nostalgic, soulful sound of yesteryear.”

TIP is putting the finishing touches on the album, which is schedule for release on October 21 on Grand Hustle/Columbia Records. I am looking forward to the release of this album I have been a T.I. fan since the beginning. He is one of the few artists I will spend my coins on! I am never disappointed with his albums

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Keyshia Cole Unveils Cover Art For New Album



Keyshia Cole has unveiled the cover art for 6th studio album titled Point of No Return. The album has spawned a few dismal singles, which haven’t really taken off the way I know she hoped they would. Hopefully this album has more to offer than the singles she has released thus far from the album because I am NOT HERE for them.

I still say I need “I Changed My Mind” Keyshia, with the kool aid red hair.  That is not say that I don’t want her to grow as an artist, but get back to what worked! I need Keyshia to reclaim her spot from K Michelle STAT!  I like the album cover it is simple and conveys the message of the album’s title

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Jeezy Unveils Cover Art For New Album


When they play dat new Jeezy all the dope boyz go crazy!

It’s also true that Jeezy also brings the whole hood out, and that’s bound to happen on September 2nd, when his new album is scheduled to drop. The album is titled Seen It All: The Autobiography

it is destined to be another EPIC Jeezy album! I know I’m ready!

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Cakes On The Menu! Nicki Minaj Reveals Anaconda Single Cover


Nicki Minaj is serving up the sexy on the cover of her new single, Anaconda. Rocking only a g-string and Jordans.  This is the second single off her upcoming album, The Pinkprint. If the cover is any indication of what the song will sound like I am ready for it.  The song will hit iTunes on Monday, July 28. Onika is taking no prisoners with this album I see!


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Danity Kane Unveils Cover For New Single



Reunited minus 2 and it feels so good!

Seems like Danity Kane is about to kick it into high gear for the summer. They have released the cover of their anticipated new single, Lemonade. The cover is adroable it features three little girl at a homemade lemonade stand. It’s cute, but interesting that there are only three girls pictured on the cover.

The ladies are set to kick off their #NoFilterTour in two days, but there have been several rumors that the quartet is now a trio. Sounds like a Destiny’s Child drama is going on in the group. The member in question is Aundrea, because as you know Wanita AKA D. Woods had more important stuff to do(Kandi’s Play Bye Felicia!). So stans are waiting with bated breath to see if another girl has been kicked off the Danity Kane Island.

At any rate DK is coming back for the summer, and hopefully will deliver the heat that we need, because the Welcome To The Dollhouse album still gets heavy rotation on our Speakerboxx!

S/N: What happened to a video treatment and  some sick choreography for, All In A Day’s Work?

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Kelis Unveils Cover & Tracklist For “Food” Album


Ms. Bossy AKA Kelis, is gearing up to release new music. Kelis new album “Food” is scheduled for release in April. Some of the song titles on the album are inspired by food, and this is fitting because Kelis is a certified Chef.

The album included 13 tracks. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes.  The lead single is, Jerk Ribs.  Hopefully this album is better than her last album, Flesh Tone(2010). I will be interested to see what she has to offer with this album.

Check out track-listing below:

1. “Jerk Ribs”
2. “Breakfast”
3. “Forever Be”
4. “Floyd”
5. “Runner”
6. “Hooch”
7. “Cobbler”
8. “Bless the Telephone”
9. “Fish Fry”
10. “Change”
11. “Rumble”
12. “Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy”
13. “Dreamer”

Will you be picking up Kelis’s new album?


Ashanti Unveils “Braveheart” Cover


Ashanti is serving up the sexy on the cover of her new album, Braveheart, this is Ashanti’s fifth studio album. This is a good look for Ashanti.  The cover was shot by Robert Ector.

After many delays the album has a release date of February 18 on Written Entertainment/eOne Music. Honestly what I have heard of the album so far really hasn’t moved me, but I have to give it to Ashanti she does not give up, she is resilient! I honestly think Ashanti’s power was in her sideburns. She hasn’t been the same since she got rid of them. That first album still bangs! I can’t say I am looking forward to the album, but I will definitely give it a listen when it drops. She may surprise me.

Check out more photos:

Will you be picking up Ashanti’s new album?