Blue Bird of Happiness-Tamar Braxton-Review


Kinfolk I’m back with another album review, it’s late I know! But again better late than never! Tamar Braxton dropped her fifth studio album titled “Blue Bird of Happiness(BBH)” on September 29, 2017. Tamar had a lot to prove with this album especially after her last album “Calling All Lovers” didn’t do as well as she expected because she couldn’t promote the project due to health issues, the album was very solid nonetheless with or without promotion.

BBH has 11 tracks, which is GREAT, y’all know how I feel about overly long albums. 10-12 tracks is sufficient, anything more is overkill. Continue reading


[Review] True To Self-Bryson Tiller


Kinfolk! Young Bryson Tiller dropped ‘True To Self‘ which is the follow-up to his debut album, Trap Soul. The album touts a hefty 19 songs, and y’all know how I feel about albums with more than 10-12 songs, it’s too damn many! That was the first indication that we were headed in the wrong direction. Tiller had a lot to live up to with this second album, especially with the success of ‘Trap Soul’. Sadly this second album does not measure up to his debut album. It honestly sounds like one long ass song! Many of the tracks could have been left on the editing room floor. This album could have been easily condensed down to 10 songs, and this would have made for a better more cohesive project. Continue reading


[Review]Back 2 Life-LeToya Luckett


Kinfolk! LeToya Luckett has finally released her new album, Back 2 Life(B2L), and it’s about damn time! I thought she had said f*ck music, and decided to pursue acting permanently, but that wasn’t the case. LeToya is probably the most successful of the Destiny’s Child members that decided to go against the Creole God’s and dare defy Beyoncé and Matthew Knowles(I’m kidding, but not kidding). She has had three 2 solid albums prior to the release of this one, and also budding acting career. Preacher’s Kid still gets heavy rotation on EBT(BET), Tank and LeToya deserved a Hoody Award for their performance in that movie.
Continue reading


[REVIEW] Strength of a Woman-Mary J. Blige


Kinfolk! The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, finally dropped her highly anticipated 13th studio album, Strength of a Woman. MJB happens to be in the middle of messy divorce with Kendu Isaacs. The London Sessions album was a departure from the Mary that we have all grown accustomed to, but she has never been one to keep herself in a box artistically. I am all for experimentation, but I have been ready for vintage Mary album for some time now, and Strength of a Woman did not disappoint. Continue reading


Grammys 2017 Review

Kinfolk the Grammys came on tonight. Did y’all watch? I did, and I am here to give you my two cents.

Adele opened the show with “Hello”, and they didn’t f*ck up her sound this year. She gave a solid performance. 

James Cordon’s opening was cheesy. I would have much rather him done a Carpool Karaoke with an artist he hasn’t featured, but anything is better than James Todd AKA LL Cool J(he had a run)

The best performance of the night goes to Beyoncé the image below pretty much sums it up way better than I ever could:

I just have one questions for anyone who hates on Beyoncé for no GOOD reason, who hurt you? I just wanna know!?! I won’t argue with deaf and blind people, it’s morally wrong. She was the highlight for me. I’m sure many disagree, but I own this domain, so you’ll deal!

Bruno Mars performed “That’s What I Like” which is my jam and gave us a good ole Jodeci-esque harmony at the end!  Bruno also channeled Prince perfectly performing “Let’s Go Crazy” in tribute to The Purple One. Morris Day and The Time was just happy to be on the stage. The Grammys got it right with this tribute. Unfortunately they didn’t do so well with The Bee Gees tribute. I love Tori Kelly and and Demi Levato, but was there no one else available for this tribute and are these two going to be out go-to performers for all tributes going forward? The Bee Gees deserved BETTER!

The other best performance of the night goes to Chance The Rapper. He gave a rousing performance featuring Tamala Mann, who decided to channel Ursula from The Little Mermaid for Black History Month and Kirk Franklin. It’s amazing to see this young man’s rise to stardom as an independent artist. I am looking forward to see what he does next. 

As I said previously they didn’t f*ck up Adele’s sound at the open, but she didn’t fare so well when she was performing her tribute to George Michael. It was so bad she had to stop and start over. I don’t blame her for starting over. Let’s be clear, only artists of a certain caliber can get away with that and she is one of them! 

That’s about all I have for The Grammys, it honestly wasn’t that spectacular of a show. It did have highlights and some lowlights(the sound man needs to be fired) Because I love music I will continue to watch and wade through the muck to see the good!

Full List of Grammy Winners can be found HERE

Whut say you!?! 


[Review]Awaken, My Love!-Childish Gambino


Kinfolk! I know it’s been a long time and I shouldn’t have left you, y’all know the rest. Many things have transpired and my lap top is shitty(anyone have the plug on the new Mac Book Pro) At any rate I am back to review some new music. Y’all know I love to register my opinion on music, entertainment,reality television, and all things in between. This time is no different, so let’s get into it! Continue reading


[Review]Hard II Love-Usher 

Kinfolk Urrrrrrrrsher Raymond dropped his new album Hard II Love. While Usher may be Hard II Love, this album is Hard To Listen II! The first single, No Limit, should have been my first indication that we were headed for trouble! Was the single catchy? Yes. Was it up-to-par for Usher? Nope! Then there was the talk of a remix with Master P, as if Young Thug was not enough of an assault to our ears and sensibilities. All of this to together let me know this album was doomed. Continue reading


[Review] The Definition Of…Fantasia

American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino has released her 5th studio album, “The Defintion Of…” The album has 11 tracks with appearances from Stacy Barthe, Aloe Blacc, and Tye Tribett. The album was executive produced by veteran A&R/record producer Ron Fair

The album is not like any album I have heard from Fantasia. She has been quoted saying she fought hard for artistic freedom with this album. It’s clear her fight paid off because this album is touching several genres of music, from R&B to Country. This strategy is very smart because it appeals to audiences that maybe would not listen to a Fantaia album. I could see her performing songs from this album on The BET Awards, The Country Music Awards, and The Grammy’s. Continue reading


[Review] More Issues Than Vogue-K. Michelle


K. Michelle’s new album, More Issues Than Vogue(MITV), dropped a few weeks ago and not without it’s fair share of “issues”. First she had an on air spat with Breakfast Club host Angela Yee and then  she has reportedly been banned from all Radio One platforms because she failed to appear at an event sponsored by Radio One without a good legitimate excuse. Kathy Hughes plays no games! These are prime examples of how K’s antic overshadow her amazing talents, MITV is actually a very good album but the goodness is being missed due to unnecessary drama. Just sing K, and cut the bullshit drama!

MITV has 12 tracks which is a good round number, y’all know how I feel about too many tracks. The album features Jason Derulo,Trina, and Yo Gotti. K doesn’t stray far from her normal formula but she does experiment with Pop on Make The Bed and Country on If It Ain’t Love. She doesn’t completely abandon her core fan base, but she is able to show growth. 

MITV has several tracks that I enjoyed. Mindful produced by T-Pain is uptempo and has a very catchy hook. K even displays her rap skills. Got Em Like samples Outkast’s SpottieOttieDopaliscious so I instantly fell in love with this song you can’t go wrong with an Outkast/Organized Noize sample. Nightstand is K’s ode to her vibrator the line the, “Can I get back the fucks I gave you?” pulled me right, another instant favorite of mine.

 K sings her heart on All I Got, she sings about being content with memories from past experiences/relationships . K really shines on this one. On Time she sings of a getting out a relationship right on time. The lyric, “Two things you can’t get back are words and time,” is the GOTDAMN truth. This song is my favorite from the album based on lyrics and vocal performance. Rich features my fav Trina  and K’s hometown buddy Yo Gotti. The hook is catchy and anything with Trina on it I am HERE for! This one is sure to be a summer time anthem.

More Issues Than Vogue is a solid album, I give K. Michelle a hard time but I have always said that K. Michelle could go really far if she could just get out of her own way. This album shows growth without completely straying from what has worked on previous albums. Let’s hope K can work out her differences with Radio One, it would be a shame for his album to not be played on the radio. Good thing she has social media because she is definitely going to need it!

Whut say you?


[REVIEW] Charlene-Tweet


Kinfolk it’s been a long time I shouldn’t left ya, but I had a lot of sh*t going on! But rest assured I am back. While I was MIA a lot of albums dropped so I need to catch up. Charlene Keys AKA Tweet dropped her fourth studio album titled Charlene. This after a six year hiatus and after listening to the album it’s safe to say that during those six years she went through some ups and downs. It’s refreshing to hear new music from her as I was first introduced to Tweet on her debut album, Southern Hummingbird, which is classic.

Charlene has 13 tracks and 3 interludes, I am going to let Tweet slide with all these tracks because it’s been 6 years, so I am HERE for it! We can make an exception to my 10-12 track rule if the music is quality, and that happens to be the case with this album. Of the 13 tracks and 3 interludes I enjoyed all of them. Won’t Hurt Me, which was the lead single was lukewarm, but Ms. Keys came back with the follow-up single Magic, which I absolutely love. Tweet smooth and sultry vocals on this song brings listeners right back to Southern Hummingbird era Tweet. Priceless hypnotized me as soon as it came on, I was instantly in love with it, she sings of being rich in love and not material things. Interlude: All I See Is You, is one of those interludes that I should have been a full song, the piano and  Tweet’s voice are comforting. Missy Elliott and Tweet reunite on Somebody Else Will, it is not Oops, but it is good to hear them together on this mid-tempo track. Addicted is my favorite, from the opening guitar interlude I was HERE for this slow tempo track. Tweet’s voice, the beat, the guitar, and the bongos create beautiful music.

Neva Shoulda Left Ya, isn’t my favorite track, but the feeling of regret after the realization of a mistake is conveyed with this song. The Hardest Thing is a very uplifting song about letting go of things that hold us back. The lyrics of this song are touching and thought provoking, I love it. Got Whatcha Want is the quintessential F*ck Boy/Girl song, Tweet sings of falling for the lies, trash, and garbage of a F*ck Boy. We have all been there and can completely relate, I loved this song. Interlude: Will You Be Here was just ok for me, it was fine as an interlude. I Didn’t Know is that song you play when you are completely done with a relationship and you have come to realization that you’ll be fine without the F*ck Boy/Girl bullshit! The lyric “I never did you wrong, but it’s over…” pretty much sums it up. This is another one of my favorites.

Dadada…..Struggle picks up right after you told that F*ck Boy/Girl that it’s over, but there is that inner struggle where one part of you wants nothing to do with them, but then the other part of you can’t fully let go. This one right her almost took me completely the f*ck out! Wow Tweet GOTDAMMIT!  I Was Created For This is an inspirational song, on which she sings about realizing God gave her the gift of song to share with the world. We all need to use the gifts God has given us, and stop letting them go to waste, I love the message of this song. Outro: I Surrender is the perfect way to close out the album Tweet surrenders to the Lord.

The six year wait was well worth it! Charlene is a testament to Tweet’s professional, personal, and emotional growth. The lyrical content of this album is out of this world. Tweet’s angelic voice, the instrumentation, and production of this album make this album truly an amazing comeback. Charlene is most definitely worth a listen, and after you listen, I am sure you will listen again. Lovers of the lyrics will fall completely in love with this album.

Whut say you?