Lauryn Hill Offers Another Sorry Ass Apology For Arriving Late To Her Concert

Are we surprised!?!

Another day, another late arrival, what a time to be alive! How Lauryn Hill is still able to book stages is beyond me, but apparently she had a concert in Pittsburgh to which she…wait for it…wait for it…arrived 3 hours late to. Now why concert goers are surprised or even upset doesn’t really make sense to me. Maya Angelou said it best, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them!” Lauryn Hill has on several occasions shown up obscenely late to several concerts. She showed y’all who she was, and y’all still bought tickets hoping this one time she would show up on time. No such luck!

Reportedly the band, the instrumets, the lights, the chairs, and the curtains all arrived on time, but Lauryn just couldn’t make it on time! I don’t know if her chakras were out of balance or what. An artist has one time to waste my time and my coins, and were done! Unless there is a natural disaster. I’ll enjoy you on Apple Music and that be it! 

At any rate, Lauryn wanted to apologize to her Pittsburgh fans. Check out what she had to say below:

Whut say you!?!


Stacy Dash Comes For Kanye West!


Oh Dionne….

Stacy Dash, Fox News contributor *side-eye* has fired shots at Kanye West. Apparently she didn’t take too kindly to remarks that House Motha Kanye made during one of infamous rants. Kanye compared being stalked by the paparazzi to rape *side-eye* now I will say this wasn’t a great analogy to use, but it’s Kanye West do we even care what he is ranting about!?! His rants don’t affect my bottom line, he is something like that drunk uncle or cousin at the family reunion everyone ignores.

In response Stacy Dash said in nutshell that West should go to Rikers Island to experience real rape. As I stated previously the analogy was bad, but what I need Dione AKA Stacy Dash to realize is the fact that she is a pawn over at Fox News being used in a very divisive way. First it was Obama now it’s Kanye West, honestly are we really looking to Stacy Dash for creditable opinions where politics are concerned she is something like the black Sarah Palin. I haven’t seen it for Stacy Dash since Clueless and don’t see it for her now.

Someone please help me get these folding chair out the basement so Stacy Dash and House Motha Kanye Kardashian can both sat down!

Whut say you?