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If you have not discovered the greatness that is Kid Fury then you don’t know what you’re missing! I first discovered Miami native Kid Fury on YouTube watching his hilarious and smart videos. He always hit the nail on the head with his commentary on pop culture and life. His YouTube videos progressed into the website http://www.sofurious.com. This was an extension of his hilarious YouTube videos and included celebrity gossip and music news. His website was staple on my blog roll and part of the reason I started my website. 

Fury linked up with fellow blogger Crissles for “The Read” Podcast which is a weekly podcast where Fury and Crissles give you commentary on topics ranging from Beyonce to Black Lives Matter. They also give advice to listeners and also “Read”you favs for filth! If you haven’t listened to “The Read” Podcast what the hell are you waiting for? Go listen!

It is amazing to see this 20 somethings ascent to stardom. I knew upon first watching him he was destined for stardom. He recently transitioned from YouTube/Podcast to the live stage where he recently presented his solo show “Furious Thoughts: Live” in New York. Check it out below:

Whut say you?



Kinfolk if you haven’t watched this video you must watch this it on James Wright Chanel’s YouTube channel. This was a blessing to my life yesterday morning! It took me 45 minutes to compose myself after watching it.

If you’re wondering if James was exaggerating about the pie, HE WASN’T! The pie is EVERYTHING. I purchased one today, and will be stocking up for Thanksgiving because I ain’t baking a GOTDAMN thing! 

For all the “Oh, by the way…” Twitter & FB folk chiming in saying your Big Mama’s, Granny’s, or Auntie’s pie tastes better, I have one question. Is it in stores tho!?!   #showme #soIknowitsreal (-_-)

Check it out:

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Whut say you? 

Instagram Comedy Spotlight: TheCeCeShow

Y’all know Wait…Wait…Whut!?! Β loves the kids! I was recently tagged on one of Β TheCeCeShow’s videos on Instagram and instantly fell in love with this little girl she is too cute and she is hilarious! Check out the above videos and check out her other videos. You are sure to bust a gut laughing at this little comedian. She had Tamar Braxton down!

Instagram Comedy Spotlight: Versatilenstyle


My cousin put me on to this guy right here! When I tell you I was weak after watching his videos. I could not stop laughing and I am sure you will laugh until you cry! It also doesn’t hurt that he is from my city, the great city of Detroit! Check him out.

“There my answer, where the f*ck is yours!?!”

Pt. 2 of Relationships be like….. #goodnight

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“Im worried!”

If you find someone you think is funny on Instagram, by all means share the wealth!


Instagram Comedy Spotlight: King_Keraun

I was on Instagram the other day, looking at Lil Mo’s page(@thelittlemoshow), and she featured Β @king_keraun. So I went over to his page, and could not stop laughing. His videos are hilarious. You are guaranteed to bust a damn gut. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you all have a Instagram page that keeps you dying laughing, send me their Instagram handle.

Check out his videos over on Instagram