Remy Denies Collaboration With Nicki Minaj/Foxy Brown + Shades Foxy Brown?[VIDEO]

It’s safe to say that Remy Ma still doesn’t see it for Foxy Brown!

Remy Ma sat down with the folks over at to discuss a rumored song featuring Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown. She basically said that ‘combination’ wouldn’t work, which is no shade, but shade to Foxy Brown whom Remy had issues with before going to prison. 

“No, that was never recorded,” says Remy. “When we discussed it, she actually said, ‘Don’t tell anybody. It’s top secret.’ So the fact that she disclosed that information is beyond me. I don’t think that’s what people wanted to hear, that combination. That was just my personal decision so I didn’t want to do that. [Foxy Brown is] her friend so I can understand that, but I was gone for a long time. If you wanted to do a song with your friend, do a song with your friend. They could have did that song without me. I don’t understand what that was.”

It’s a shame that these talented women can’t put their differences aside to make music. It’s a shame they can’t do exactly what she spoke about in the interview. It would be really epic to see Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, and also Lil Kim on a track together. But these women refuse to see what this would do for the culture and hip hop fans alike. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this, but I definitely won’t hold my breath. 

Check out the clip below:

What say you?


WATCH: Mary J. Blige Speaks On Divorce + Performs New Single ‘Thick Of It’ On ‘GMA'[VIDEO]


The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige sat down with Robin Roberts on this morning’s episode of ‘Good Morning America’ to discuss her pending divorce from husband/manager Kendu Issacs

“My heart is OK. I’m hanging in there,” said Mary. “No one wants to go through this. This is hard. I’m hanging in there.”

We got some insight into what exactly caused the breakdown of the marriage. 

“The breaking point was when I kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected and it just seems like I was beating a dead horse and it seems like I was talking to a wall,” said Mary. “I just wasn’t getting it back. If I can’t get respect in the relationship, then I have to move on to save myself. That was the point where I’m like, I’m done. I just can’t do it any more.”

Respect is key in any relationship and it’s clear that Mary wasn’t getting that in her marriage and she decided it was time to end it. It’s amazing to see her strength during this rough time. The title of the new album is, ‘Strength of a Woman’. The album is should be released before year’s end. Mary is currently on tour with Maxwell for the ‘King & Queen’ Tour which I will be attending! Are you?

Watch the interview below:

What the performance here:

Whut say you?

Beanie Sigel Rips Meek Mill Apart On Tax Season Podcast

Philadelphia veteran Beanie Sigel has become the focus of the beef between Meek Mill and The Game after he alleged  that he helped Meek Mill write his diss track(Meek accussed Drake of having a ghostwriter previously) and was subsequently knocked out by Teefy Bey, a member of Meek’s Dreamchasers’s crew.

DJ Self was originally supposed to be the guest on Taxstone’s Taxseason Podcast, but Beanie Sigel showed up to tell his side of the story and give y’all #facts. The Broadstreet Bully was definitely in the building! Continue reading

Amber Rose Explains Consent To Tyrese & Rev Run

Kinfolk I have said it before and I’ll say it again! I only want Tyrese to sing and act! I don’t ever want him to register his opinion about anything! Period! Mama O aka Oprah gave Tyrese and Rev Run a talk show on her OWN Network called It’s Not You, It’s Men *yawns* I had said I would give the show a whirl just because I like Rev Run, but I had not had a chance to do so until recently.

On the episode I watched Muva aka Amber Rose was the guest and the topic of consent came up. Muva had to break down consent for these idiots, for lack of a better word. She had this to say:

  “If I’m laying down with a man—butt-naked—and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don’t want to do this. I changed my mind,’ that means no. That means f–king no. That’s it.”

Pretty simple concept to grasp right? Well Tyrese and Rev Run were befuddled as to how this made sense. Tyrese made some stupid ass analogy about guys wearing uniforms and basketball which made absolutely no sense at all! But again I only want to hear Tyrese sing and act, and I’m not too particular about that sometimes. 

Now as I stated previously I f*cks with Rev Run, but after he said “Dress how you want to be addressed” I am starting to rethink my support of him. Are we in 2016 or some third world country? Why in 2016 does Amber Rose have to explain consent to grown ass men? How did we get here? This is why, again I only want to Tyrese to sing and act, and now I only and wants Rev Run to perform RUN DMC classics going forward! 

Check out the clip below:

Whut say you?

[WATCH] Remy Ma On The Wendy Williams Show


Remy Ma is showing no signs of stopping since being released from prison. She stopped by The Wendy Williams show today. She discussed her time in prison, her son, how she was able to make her marriage work while in prison, and her relationship with her 14 year old son. She also freestyled while on the couch. Remy has a mixtape called ‘I’m Around’ coming soon, so be on the look out for that! In the meantime check out Remy Ma interview below:

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Keyshia Cole Snaps On Atlanta Radio Personality Wanda Smith


So… I am making my morning commute to work listening to the Ryan Cameron morning show and I find out Keyshia Coleslaw(Cole) has snapped on Wanda Smith during a phone interview. Now Wanda Smith does wear me thin with her loud laugh and her lack of  subject and verb agreement, but hey that is neither here nor there. Anyway Ryan Cameron apparently DM’ed Keyshia Cole on Twitter, and she called into the radio station. The interview was going as good as can be expected(because it is no secret that Keyshia skipped Media Training 101), that is until Wanda Smith asked Keyshia, if she was “Wifey” material. Now this could be perceived as a jab upon first listen, but before Wanda could complete her question Cole went off hood mouse style!

Now I will say Wanda could have worded the question a bit differently, but Keyshia didn’t have to pop off  in the manner that she did knowing radio stations push buttons to garner ratings. I think Wanda was trying to say, “Do you think the fact that your career was in high gear during the time you got married contributed to the demise of your marriage?” But again this is where Media Training 101 would have come in handy for Keyshia she could have used this opportunity to get in front of the story and get her truth out. She had to know questions like this would be asked seeing as how she has been leaving subliminal messages on her Instagram Page recently. The only good thing that I can garner from this interview is that Keyshia has re-hired her former manager Mannie Halle, so I guess that is a good thing! Clearly better than this Rick James song featuring Juicy J that was played on the radio this morning. DO BETTER Coleslaw.

Check Out The Interview HERE


Is Hollywood Racist?

that's racist

While scrolling Tumblr toady I stumbled upon a post ChescaLei‘s blog that featured Erica Alexander who is probably best known for her role as Maxine Shaw on the 90’s sitcom, Living Single. In the video that was posted on MadameNoire’s YouTube page, Erica speaks to why white executives only cast blacks in stereotypical roles.

Check It Out Below

I must say that I agree with all of Erica had to say in this video. I totally agree that black television changed after 90’s shows such as Living Single and Martin went off the air. With the exception of Scandal, there are no series that have an African-Americans in a lead role on prime time television.

Sure you can find blacks in lead roles over on BET, TVOne, and OWN, but not on network television. If you don’t have cable television you wouldn’t see these shows.  This is shame because African-Americans are very talented and could flourish on network television execs cast them.

Whut say you?

Lil’ Kim Wants You To Know She Is “The Blueprint!”



Lil’ Kim covers the front of Rolling Out magazine with the title, “I Am The Blueprint,” I would probably have to agree with her where highly sexual female rappers are concerned. She did pave the way for female rappers to be sexy, wear designer labels, and be very explicit about their sexual desires. Kim and Foxy Brown did usher in that era.  Check out a few excerpts from the article below.


“That’s something I was born with. When you’re born with talent, you also have the talent to conduct your own business. With me, that’s how it is. I just know how to turn it on and off. I just know what I want from myself. In my field, I am the blueprint of what I do. I’ve always starred in my own lane.”


“No disrespect, no shade, but I’m not going to answer [that] question because I think that’s kinda corny,” she says adamantly. “I don’t know how to answer that.”


“I’m pretty sure everybody in the industry — and in life, period — has things that they feel like they would do over, but I don’t really regret much in my life. There are certain things that I would do over — and certain things that I would do differently. [But] the things that I go through and the things that I’ve gone through have become a major part of who I am today.”


“I’m a real artist. I [have] basically been in the game for a minute, [so it’s] where I feel like it’s time to go to [another] level in my career. I think every artist has that moment — if you’re a real artist. I care about what I do, so in different things [you’re] always concerned about your next step — but that doesn’t stop me from taking it.”


“I just think that my fans — not even just my fans, but even potentially new fans — are ready to hear some new Lil’ Kim music and everyone knows that … I put a lot of my reality into my music [that] people can identify with. People are ready to hear real rap — real s— coming from a female. Because I’ve always been different, no matter what. My music has always been very sexual and very pro-women. Now I get to do that through my new artists. I have my label coming out, which makes me very driven. “


“I never say ‘never,’ but I don’t look at television shows or reality shows and say ‘I want to be on this show,’ Not really. I’m more so into just watching them for entertainment purposes.”


“Puffy called me one day and he tracked me down through some people I knew,” she says of how this latest endeavor together came about. “[He said] ‘No matter what, you’re going to always be my sister.’ We always go through things like that. At the end of the day, we’re tied to each other through B.I.G.’s estate and B.I.G.’s iconic, historic legacy.”


Whut Say You?



The Skorpion Show Interviews K. Michelle



The guys over at the Skorpion Show, sat down the with K. Michelle, former LLHHATL resident  hood mouse  and now LLHHNY resident hood mouse (as I affectionately call her).

K covered many topics including her new album and beef with Tamar Braxton. This interview is very interesting because, Kevin is a friend of Tamar’s. I wonder how she feels about the interview, seeing as how they were supposedly friends. I guess all is fair when it comes to YouTube views and blog clicks

Now I will admit the beef between K and Tamar is stupid, because both women can sing, and both have phenomenal albums. Why can’t we all just get along.  One thing I agree with that K said is “Shut up and Sing,” both should take this advice, and leave the beefing to Kendrick and Drake.

Check Out The Interview:


Nicki Minaj Stops By The Queen Latifah Show



Nicki Minaj stopped by The Queen Latifah Show today!

Onika payed homage to the Queen while on the show, she talked about topics ranging from her stint on American Idol to her new clothing line at K-Mart. Nicki showed her fun side when she participated in a accent game with Latifah. Of course Nicki did good as she is known for doing voices. Check out a clip from the show: