[REVIEW] Lifetime’s Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B


By now everyone has seen the Lifetime TV movie, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, that premiered this past Saturday on Lifetime. If you haven’t please don’t waste your time. The movie was executive produced by Wendell(Wendy)Williams, she joined the project after Zendaya Coleman dropped out of the production after being cast to play Aaliyah. When I first heard that this was actually a thing, my first thought was why does Aaliyah need a movie? Don’t get me wrong I love Aaliyah to death, she is from my hometown and she was very talented. I also love all of her music, but Aaliyah was just starting to really catapult to super-stardom at the time of her untimely death, and there isn’t much ground to cover. Yes she was destined to do many great things and she was doing greats things at the time her death, but she still had a ways to go before becoming a bonafide icon. I know a lot of people will probably be upset that I said that, but I am going to just put 10 on 20 and say it! When the family didn’t get on board with the production and Aaliyah music couldn’t be cleared for the movie, I knew this project was doomed. On top of that the movie based on biography by a person who didn’t get any input from Aaliyah’s close family or friends, namely her parents or brother.

As much as I wanted to boycott the movie, I tuned in, for fear of missing something. Also it is my duty as an entertainment blogger to watch and report back LOL. I should have gone with my first mind and not watched, because Wendell & Lifetime tried the entire f*ck out of Aaliyah. First let’s talk about the casting, I wasn’t even that mad at the Alexandra Shipp being cast as Aaliyah, after Zendaya Coleman dropped out(best decision of her life) but I was mad. Why? You ask, because Alexandra Shipp isn’t the best actor. Her dancing was uninspired and stiff, the one thing that sticks about Aaliyah is that she was a great dancer. If I were casting someone to play her then that person should be at the least be a good dancer(make sure the bish can dance!). Now I know what you are saying, the actor doesn’t have to look exactly like the person they are portraying as long as they are good actor right? There in lies the problem, but that was the least of my issues with the casting for this movie. At least with the casting for Notorious, the well-known people looked very similar to the actor that portrayed them ,and the unknowns/behind the scenes people we really didn’t care about. In this movie Joe(the singer) was cast to play R. Kelly, because the actor didn’t resemble R. Kelly at all! Then they cast Tweet(the singer) to play Missy Elliott and some other slender guy was cast to play Timbaland. Now if my memory serves me correctly Missy Elliott was wide as all outside back when she began working with Aaliyah and so was Timbaland! That statement was not meant to offend, but the truth is the truth! Were there no actors the more closely resembled Missy and Timbaland? Also Missy was wearing “Hefty Cinch Sacks” and rocking finger waves back then, not Adidas tracks suit and asymmetric hair! Now let’s get to the actor that played Dame Dash,how come no one told me that Chico DeBarge was resurrected from the “career crypt” to play Dame? The casting was all wrong for this movie! The acting was bad! The script was bad! It was just all wrong!

Another problem I had with this movie is that it focused entirely too much on the relationship between 15-year-old Aaliyah and 30 something Robert “R” Kelly. I feel like Wendell was trying to shade R. Kelly instead of telling Aaliyah’s story. I know your saying, “How do you tell Aaliyah’s story without including that?” I feel like there was another way it could have been done without even having an R. Kelly portrayal in the movie. A quick montage of newspaper headlines, and then let’s keep it moving! Yes, the relationship “allegedly” did occur, but that was only a small part of Aaliyah life. The scenes made me very uncomfortable.  After, Age Ain’t Nuthin But A Number(I think R. Kelly was preparing us for his “alleged” future activities and trying to soften the blow with this album title), Aaliyah went into another direction after that whole debacle, she recreated herself. Too much time spent on this relationship, I felt like it was self-serving for Wendy and Lifetime to dig in so deep into the R. Kelly/Aaliyah marriage thing. It was all for ratings and maliciousness, and not to really tell the story of how a girl from Detroit, worked hard to become a superstar. I get that ratings are important and cash rules everything around, but not at the expense of Aaliyah. I honestly feel bad for the actors that were cast because how can you portray a person: 1. you never got to talk to 2. you didn’t get talk to people who were intimately involved with that person.

At the time of her death, Aaliyah was just getting started, and honestly there was not enough material to even create a movie. The movie should have never been made. Then to add insult to injury they didn’t even show the Rock The Boat, choreography, oops I forgot they didn’t have clearance to use it! It was probably for the best, because Alexandra probably would have pissed me off. The documentary that followed the movie, was actually better than the movie itself. The movie didn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know. It didn’t add anything to Aaliyah’s legacy, it just served to line Wendell and Lifetime’s pocket with money, while dredging up a salacious portion of a young woman’s past. I won’t even waste my time giving this movie a rating, because you can probably get gather from this review that I wasn’t HERE  for it! As one of the many meme’s that lit up Twitter and IG said,”Wendell, Aaliyah gon whoop your ass when she sees you at the crossroads!” The meme below sums up my feeling about the movie:


Aaliyah you left us too soon, but you are not forgotten, I will erase this terrible movie from my memory, because you didn’t deserve this, and it is not a reflection of you or your work.

Whut say you?



Cupid Shuffle Creator Introduces New Dance The “Wham”



Cupid Shuffle creator Cupid is back with a new song/dance, just in time for your family reunions, cookouts, block parties, and Ray Ray’s 1st birthday party(you know the one the turns into an adult with alcohol and spades). The song features Mystikal and DJ Ro. After watching the video wanted to grab our umbrellas and head on down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans so that we could cut a rug!

Check out the song/video below:

Who is going to be teaching this dance at the next cookout?


Review: CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story


First let me say that Pebbles ain’t shit! $25 GOTDAMN dollars and Geo Trackers! Get the entire f*ck outta here!

Lil Mama *taps shoulder* you are forgiven for that bullshit you pulled at the awards because you embodied Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes! You need an Emmy for this performance! Drew and KeKe looked like T-Boz and Chilli, but I didn’t get that the same feeling I got from Lil Mama.

VH1 got the casting right for the girls in the group and Pebbles. As for the rest of the casting VH1 pretty much said f*ck it! Carl Anthony Payne AKA Cockroach AKA Cole as LA Reid, not believable, but a check is a check, I guess. He was probably so happy to be on a set he didn’t care lol.

Evan Ross as Dallas Austin come the f*ck on! Talk about embellishing! I need Mr. Dalvin’s twitter because they played the entire f*ck outta you homie with the young man who played you. Andre Rison that sheep/polar bear coat and pimp hat they had you in *puts head down* they don’t want you to be great LOL!

The founding member of TLC, Crystal Selene, may want to put out a APB for her edges because her edges are missing and the boys didn’t pause! That scene had me on the living room floor, and it’s a damn shame that it will be repeated forever and ever on VH1. They want the worst for you Crystal.

Now let’s talk about how Pebbles AKA Ike Turner AKA Joe Jackson is “allegedly,”a m*thafucka wit her sh*t! She had those girls in contract after contract! TLC needed a Sonya Norwood(Brandy) a Matthew Knowles(Beyoncé)or a Jonetta Patton(Usher) in their corner. The story would have came out totally different. When the girls asked her about the money she first “allegedly” gave them her ass to kiss and some Geo Trackers and said have a nice day! That wasn’t right Peri.

Pebbles mentions were in shambles last I checked. Expect her to file “dem paper” on Tionne and Ro because she was not presented in a good light in this biopic. I am a firm believer that there are three sides to the every story: her side, his side(her in this case), and the m*thafuckin truth! We will see how this all plays out on in court.

As I stated previously the standout performance in the movie goes to Lil Mama there were moments in the movie where I looked and thought it was actually Left Eye, hats off to you Mama! You did an outstanding job!

All in all the movie was good, I think all the bases were covered as far as the story goes. There was a little discrepancy with the reconciliation of the girls, but I won’t split hairs. I would really be interested to hear Pebbles side of things. I want her to explain how and why she did those girls like that? Wrong is wrong!

I like the new song that Ne-Yo penned, “Meant To Be,” it fit the movie perfectly. I am still not sure how I feel about TLC doing another album without Lisa. But I guess they have to eat. As long as they don’t go trying to replace Lisa with another member I think I could be HERE for it.

VH1 *whispers* I think a Bad Boy Records biopic and Xscape biopic would be great for future projects. I could name more, but it is late.

Oh and Lil Mama this would be great time to release some new music, you gotta hit while the fire is hot! These are just suggestions, and I’m just serious!

Oh and who the hell is this Larry person. I need answers!?!

What did you all think of the biopic?

Movie Review: Fruitvale Station


Last night I went to see ‘Fruitvale Station’ after hearing all these rave reviews. I am not one that goes by reviews, I have to see and hear things on my own, and form my own opinion, and last night was no different.

Fruitvale Station (originally titled Fruitvale) is a 2013 American independent drama film written and directed by Ryan Coogler. It is Coogler’s first feature-length film. It is based on the true story of Oscar Grant, a young man who was killed by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle at the Fruitvale Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station in Oakland, California. The film stars Michael B. Jordan, Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer, and Melonie Diaz. The film chronicles the experiences of Oscar Grant’s on his last day of life.

Michael B. Jordan gives a solid performance as a flawed young man trying to overcome his past transgressions and turn is life around for the sake of his daughter, girlfriend, and mom. Despite his efforts he can’t seem to overcome. Octavia Spencer gives a great performance as Oscar’s mother. She is spot on in her portrayal of mother who just wanted her son to change his life and go down a better path. The film was very sad, because it is based on true events, and a young man that was full of potential lost his life. The movie is more meaningful to me, especially after the Trayvon Martin murder and subsequent not guilty verdict for his killer. This movie is definitely worth going to see, and I would recommend it. If you are anything like me you will leave the theater sad and upset at the same damn time.

Final Review: 8/10


Find information about Oscar Grant HERE


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