[LISTEN] My Mama & Dem Music-Settle For My Love-Patrice Rushen 

The My Mama & Dem Music selection for this week is Settle For My Love by Patrice Rushen. The song comes from her 1979 album, Pizzazz. This was her 6th album. Ms. Rushen had hits for days in the 70’s. I wasn’t born then, but my Mama & Dem introduced me to her music as a child, and it seems like Musiq Soulchild’s mother may have done the same for him because he remade the song on his debut album, Aijuswanaseing, check it out HERE.

Check out Ms Rushen’s version below:


I hope your Mama & Dem introduced you to some music from the past, if not you don’t know what you’re missing.

Whut say you?


[LISTEN]My Mama & Dem Music: If You Don’t Know Me By Now-Patti LaBelle

Auntie Patti!

So…after Auntie Patti came through and shut down the BET Awards last Sunday performing with Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle. I had to go deep into the vault for the My Mama & Dem Music selection of the week, to pull out one of my favorite songs by Auntie Patti. That song is If You Don’t Know Me By Now from her 1985 album Patti. From top to bottom this song is magical. Auntie drops so many gems in this song. My favorite part of the song is the middle part where Patti talks to the audience in a way only see can! The only person that can come close to Patti’s stage presence is Fantasia.

All I have to say is, “10 Long Years…” Go ahead, take a listen below and get your lesson:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN]My Mama & Dem Music: Just To Keep You Satisfied-Marvin Gaye



This week’s  My Mama & Dem Music selection is Just To Keep You Satisfied by Marvin Gaye. The song comes from Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On album which was released on this August 28, 1973 on Tamla Records. This song right here is one of the lesser known songs from this album, but it’s always those hidden gems that are best songs on albums. It was the B-side to You Sure Love To Ball, don’t sleep on those B-sides!

Marvin sings about the break-up of a relationship with his then wife Anna. You can hear the pain in his voice and the lyrics in this song just come to life with Marvin’s smooth vocals. If you have never heard this song please do yourself a favor and take a listen below:

Whut say you?

My Mama & Dem Music: For The Love of You: Parts 1 & 2- The Isley Brothers


The My Mama & Dem selection of the week is For The Love of You Part 1 & 2 by The Isley Brothers. It is from their album The Heat Is On released in 1975. Now you already know that this song is not to be played with because it has 2 parts! If you haven’t heard the greatness that is The Isley Brothers, then you have clearly been deprived, and need to Google, Spotify, YouTube or whatever you need to do to get this musical lesson. The thing I love about the songs My Mama & Dem listened to back in the day is that the lyrical content.

Anytime you say you are living for the love of someone, you know that it’s real! How does one live for the love of someone? That right there my friends is a lyric! Songs these days just aren’t giving you anything where lyrics are concerned. Please, please, please if you’re not familiar with my Uncles The Isley Brothers, GET FAMILIAR!

Check It Out Here:


My Mama& Dem Music: The Makings of You-Gladys Knight & The Pips


The My Mama & Dem Selection of the week is The Makings of You by Gladys Knight & The Pips. It comes from the Original Soundtrack of Claudine, which started Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. It happens to be be one of my favorite movies if you haven’t seen it please watch it. If you haven’t listened to the soundtrack you need to. It was written and produced by the late great Curtis Mayfield.

This soundtrack was released during a time when the same person wrote and produced the whole album, therefore leading to more cohesive albums. The combo of Uncle Curtis and Auntie Gladys doesn’t disappoint. This song and this album is soul music at it’s best! Get you some food for you soul!

Check It Out Below:

Whut say you?

My Mama & Dem Music: You Know How To Love Me-Phyllis Hyman


The My Mama & Dem Music selection for the week is You Know How To Love Me by the late great Phyllis Hyman. She most definitely left us far too soon.

Her voice, her aura, her musical catalog! Let’s not forget she is beautiful and in the words of Queen Bey she is ***Flawless, which is clear from the picture above! If you haven’t listened to Phyllis Hyman’s music please do it now you’ll thank me!

My Mama & Dem Music: I Just Wanna Be Your Girl-Chapter 8


Y’all not ready for this one right here! The My Mama & Dem Music selection this week is I Just Wanna Be Your Girl by Chapter 8. Who is Chapter 8 you ask? Well it’s the group the spawned Auntie Anita Baker.

From the piano intro you already know what it is! Auntie Anita did not play wit y’all! If you didn’t know from the title of the song, she just wants to be your girl, and she is trying to figure out why you playin? She meant every last word of this!

Get your blessing and lesson below:

My Mama & Dem Music: Zoom-The Commodores


As you already know we over here at Wait…Wait…Whut!?! love music, new and old. Hence the need to start a new feature for music that doesn’t necessarily fall into the Throwback Song of the Week category, we are going to call these features “My Mama & Dem Music” Y’all know the songs that your Mama used to play while she was cleaning the house, getting ready to go out, at the card party, or in the car on cassette or 8 track if your feeling real throwback! Y’all know the songs that you couldn’t stand to hear because your Mama played the songs over and over again! Well who would have thought that in adulthood we would grow to love and cherish these songs. Who would have thought we would know all the damn words to these songs.

“My Mama & Dem Music” will feature timeless songs that stand the test of time unlike much of what is out in music these days(no shade, but shade)! The selection for this week is, Zoom by The Commodores. This song right here! This song right here! *stomps foot* Do you hear me? As soon as this one right here starts you already know what it is!  With lyrics like:

I’d like to greet the sun each morning, and walk amongst the stars at night…”

That ladies and gentlemen is a GOTDAMN lyric, artists of today are not touching old school artists where these lyrics are concerned. Greeting the sun each morning and walking amongst the stars at night what a GOTDAMN feeling! It takes lyrical genius to come up wit something like that!  Then the song is 7  GOTDAMN minutes long, that people, is music! This is what Lionel Richie should have sung at the BET Awards 2014 when he was honored for lifetime achievement. This would have had the whole place on their seats. Please take a listen to GOOD music.

Whut say you?