New Music: Love Be Back-Kima(of Total)


Kinfolk! Y’all know that I love new music, but I must I admit that I was skeptical when I heard Kima from, from the R&B group Total was going solo. But hearing Kima’s new song ‘Luv Me Back’ I was pleasantly surprised. The track is solid, her vocal is strong, and the hook is solid. The lyrical content is relatable and it doesn’t sound like Kima is trying to fit into what everyone is doing. Take a listen back below: Continue reading


New Music: Rap Rushmore Ft. Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled

So… I guess MA$E really felt inspired to do new music after Camron dissed him on his mixtape, “The Program,” so much so he responded with “The Oracle,” a scathing diss track aimed at Cam. He was the clear winner of round one, and it only took 15 years, I guess better late than never. Check it out below in case you missed i­t­:

Continue reading

Remy Ma Samples Classic Lil Kim Song on Highly Anticipated “Wake Me Up” 

Hey Kinfolks! The wait is finally over! Remy Ma has dropped her highly anticipated Lil Kim assisted single “Wake Me Up”

When I initially heard the announcement Lil Kim hopped on a Remy Ma song, my first thought was, this will surely be a Nicki Minaj diss. Was I correct? Partly. While Remy doesn’t mention Nicki’s name directly Helen Keller could tell this song is aimed at Nicki Minaj. Continue reading

Artists You Should Be Listening To: Ravyn Lenea


Kinfolks! Y’all know I am always looking for new and interesting artist to listen too as I love music. I was checking out and stumbled upon an article centered around new and upcoming artists, so you know I had to click. After clicking on several of the YouTube videos featured in the article. I discovered Ravyn Lenae, so quite naturally I scurried over to my trusty Apple Music app to listen to more of her music. Continue reading

New Music: Chi Chi-Azealia Banks


Kinfolks! Now I normally don’t see it for Azealia Banks because her opinions most times over shadow her talents, causing severe side-eyes from me and and others, but Ms. Banks has released a new song titled ‘Chi Chi’, and I must give credit where credit is due, I like the song! It’s a solid hip hop track, and Banks gives us bars. Now if she could just give us good music and keep her outlandish behavior to minimum, she may be on to something. Continue reading

New Music:H.E.R.-Lights On/Say It Again/Every Kind Of Way


Kinfolk! If you’re not familiar with H.E.R. please get familiar. She is back with Vol 2, and I feel like this time around it’s going to be much sexier judging from the three tracks(Light On, Say It Again, Every Kind of Way) she dropped so far. I like what I hear so far, it has a sexy and sensual vibe. H.E.R. Vol 2 is due out June 2 on RCA. Make sure cop that, and also pick up Vol 1 Continue reading

New Music: Missy Elliott Feat Eve, Lil Kim, & Trina-I’m Better(Remix)

Kinfolk! The Icon Missy Elliott is back with the remix to her song “I’m Better” and I want to call it Not Tonight(Ladies Night) 2.0 because Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina hopped on the track. I am always HERE for anything Missy Elliott, and this time is no different! Missy plays the back on this one while the other women take center stage. Continue reading

Listen: New Music-Unravel Me-Sabrina Claudio


Kinfolk! Sabrina Claudio is back with a new song titled Unravel Me. Now I fell in love with Sabrina’s voice on Confidently Lost, but this new song takes it to the next level for me. Her voice is haunting, but at the same time it soothing. The reverberation thing that they do with her voice is f*cking amazing! This girl is going places, especially if she keep releasing music of this caliber. Take a listen below Continue reading

[LISTEN] Rising Artist TeaMarrr Releases Debut EP ‘Thank For The Chapstick’


Kinfolk! Y’all know I am always looking for new music to listen, so I was going through my blog roll and stumbled across a rising artist by the name of TeaMarrr on ThisIsRNB she released her debut EP titled ‘Thank For The Chapstick’ I am not familiar with this her, but I was taken in as soon as pressed play on her Soundcloud page and I instantly sprinted over to Apple Music to add her to my library. Continue reading

[New Music/Video]I Can Tell You(Night & Day 2.0)-Quincy Featuring Al B. Sure!


Kinfolk! Why didn’t anyone tell me that Auntie Iyanla had fixed Quincy and Al B. Sure!’s life!?! So apparently someone had the bright idea of re-doing songs from the late 80’s. But I can’t say I am mad at this. If you didn’t already know, Quincy is the son of Al B. Sure! and Kim Porter. The father and son didn’t have the best relationship, and Quincy even penned an infamous letter to his pops that went viral. Well apparently Auntie Iyanla swooped in and helped them “Do the work”(I kid) and now we have a reboot of an R&B classic.

It’s a cute update of remake, and it’s good to see Quincy and his dad on better terms. I guess the world and universe are ready. Check out the video below:

Whut say you?