Nicki Minaj Finally Responds To Remy Ma With “No Frauds” Featuring Drake & Lil Wayne

Kinfolk! Nicki Minaj has finally responded to Remy’s scathing diss “Shether” The song is titled “No Frauds” and features Drake and Lil Wayne.

I knew Nicki was going to respond in her own time, but I’m not sure Drake and Lil Wayne were needed. I can’t say I am wowed by her response. She took a few shots at Remy:

“You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’ / What the fuck is this b*tch inhalin’? / Tried to drop another one, you was itchin’ to scrap / You exposed your ghostwriter / Now you wish it was scrapped / Heard your pussy on yuck / I guess you needed a Pap.”

She continues,

“What type of bum b*tch shoot a b*tch over a rap? What type of mother leave her one son over a stack? / Lil’ boogie down basic b*tch thinkin’ she back / Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack / Back to back, me and Drizzy laughed at that / They say numbers don’t matter, but when they discussin’ the kings / They turn around and say 

There has been an ongoing debate of whether or not Nicki Minaj should respond. On one hand one could argue that she didn’t have to respond because Remy is not on her level as far as star power is concerned. On the other hand I believe Nicki did right by responding, if for nothing but “The Culture”(Hip Hop). If LL Cool J, who at the time was doing movies, television, and music can battle with Cannabis, then why not Nicki? If Queen Latifah, who at the time was doing movies, television, and music can come down off her throne to battle with Foxy Brown, then why not Nicki? 

Do I think Nicki could have came harder? Yes. Will Nicki’s career be affected? No. What did Remy gain from this? That remains to be seen. The set-up for the diss track was all wrong! Here’s how it should have went down. Remy should have dropped “Shether” and then she should have had the first single from her solo album ready to drop directly after “Shether” went viral. This would have allowed her to capitalize off her viral exposure especially if the single was HOT! There were a lot of missed opportunities where this whole diss was concerned. But hey you live and your learn. Hopefully Remy’s solo album is good because the joint album with Fat Joe was just okay for me. The dilemma for Remy is proving that she can operate without the help of a male counterpart(Fat Joe). We know she can rap, but can she craft an entire album? I am unsure.

Nicki also faces a dilemma as well and that is, can her next album be better than her features. She tends expend all her energy on her features, but when it comes to her album, something gets lost in the sauce. That’s not to say her albums have been terrible, but she hasn’t made her “Thriller” yet. We shall see what happens in the Nicki and Remy saga, but until then check out “No Frauds“.

Whut say you?


Remy Ma Releases Second Nicki Minaj Diss Track “Another One”


So…apparently Reminisce Mackie-Smith AKA Remy Ma couldn’t wait for Nicki Minaj to respond to her “Shether” diss track, she decided to release another track fittingly titled “Another One” 

Listen HERE

I’d be lying if I said it was good. Sadly it pales in comparison to “Shether”. Papoose this was I’ll advised! Now Nicki can ignore you, and run with the “She’s trying to get some shine off my name”narrative! SMDH! I was afraid she used all her ammunition on this first record, and that seems to be the case.  

Whut say you?

New Music: Imagination(Acapella)-Elijah Blake

Kinfolk Elijah Blake has dropped new music! If you’re unfamiliar with him, you probably remember him signing the hook on Rick Ross’s song “Presidential” from his “God Forgives, I Don’t” album. If that doesn’t ring a bell take my word for it he is worth listening to.

Blake just posted the song Imagination(Acapella) on his SoundCloud page. On the song he sings about questioning if the love he had for someone was real or was it a figment of his imagination. I like the song and the enjoyed his vocal arrangement. Check it out for yourself below:

Whut say you?

Is Nicki Minaj Sending Bars At Remy Ma On New Gucci Mane Song?

Kinfolk! The trap gods have smiled down upon us this Friday morning! Future dropped Hndrxx today and Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj have reunited! I know, I know, I know I can barely contain myself! The song is titled “Make Love” and I thought this would never happen what with the fall out Onika and Gucci had before he was sent prison, but it’s here and I am HERE for it. 

Gucci and Onika don’t seem like they missed a beat, it sounds like vintage THEM! However The best part about the song is there seems to be some bars thrown and Remy Ma! After her “Wait A Minute”(Remix) verse and her freestyle on The Funk Master Flex’s show on Hot 97 where she seemingly/subliminally went at Nicki, you had to know Nicki wasn’t going to take that lying down. She kinda of sorta fired off a few rounds with:

I don’t see her

Bitch I’m the greatest, no Kendrick and no Sia

I’m the iPhone, you the Nokia

Everybody know you jealous, bitch it’s so clear

Tell them bum ass bitches to play their role

She see my sexy ass every time she scroll

I got it in the can, Dole

Your career gon’ be with Anna Nicole

Witcha dumbass face

She ain’t eatin’ but I swear she got some bum ass taste

Text her man like, “Dawg, how that bum ass taste?”

Pay your rent! And stay in your bum ass place

Oooohhh, oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?

One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where? (bitch, where?)

Hahaha, ahhhhh

I took two bars off just to laugh

You see, silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap

You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques

S, plural like the S on my chest

Now sit your dumbass down

You got F on the test

Sounds like shots fired to me! At any rate I am glad Gucci and Nicki worked out whatever differences they had and are working together again!

Check it out:

Whut say you?

New Music: The Suitcase-Keeyen Martin

Kinfolk! Y’all know I’m always looking for new interesting music to listen and today is no different. Today’s new music comes from an indie artist Keeyen Martin and the project is titled “The Suitcase”. The EP contains 7 original tracks.

You’re probably asking who the hell is Keeyen Martin? He is a singer/songwriter/musician who honed his talents at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He is 2013 graduate of their music program, Keeyan has previously sung background vocals for artists such as Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child), Rueben Studdard, Peabo Bryson, and more.

My favorite tracks are “365”and “Scared of Brave”. Check it out below:

Also check out his visual story(Thank you MJ & Beyoncé for encouraging this)

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Wait…Wait…Whut!?!:Artist To Watch: Sabrina Claudio

So….Kinfolk here I was minding my damn business and browsing the new music section on Apple Music as I normally do, and I stumbled upon a gem in the form of  a song by Sabrina Claudio titled “Confidently Lost”. The song instantly grabbed me, specifically the lyrics

I’m alone but I’m not lonely

Comfortably indulging

And trying to get to know me

I’m just an outline of what I used to be

Constantly evolving

Steadily revolving

That’s some real sh*t right there! Sabrina’s voice is haunting and pretty at the same time. This song has been on repeat all day! I can’t stop listening to it! I sent it to all my music loving friends. 

Apple Music only had that one song by her, so I had to scurry on over to Google and see if I could find more music by her. Y’all know Google never fails me! I found her SoundCloud page!

You’re welcome in advance! 

Claudio rose to fame with the help of her YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. She posted her first cover of Beyoncé’s Halo in February 2012. Not sure how I missed her, but I have found her, and she is on my list of artists to watch. She hails from Miami, FL. Her voice precedes her 20 years of age. If she is giving this much feeling and emotion at this age, just wait until she really goes through something in life, if she hasn’t already! 

Sabrina Claudio is destined for success if she continues with this caliber of music!


Whut say you!?!

[LISTEN]New Music The Let Out-Jidenna Featuring Quavo

Fresh off his  guest role on Issa Rae’s Insecure and just in time for Black History Month, “Classic Man” Jidenna is back with new music featuring Quavo from Migos. The song is titled “The Let Out” and basically speaks to running late for the club and just deciding to go the “The Let It Out” or “The Fall Out”

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this, if not it’s  when the club let’s out and guys are trying to shoot their shot and girls are deciding which one may be the one tonight *Michelle Williams Voice*

The song is just okay for me, I prefer some of Jidenna’s previous songs. But anything with any member of Migos I’ll give a listen to. I am wondering is Quavo setting himself to go solo with this solo appearance. He is the most recognizable from member of Migos, but I hope they can make it work.

Take a listen below:


<a href=””>The Let Out (feat. Quavo) – Jidenna</a>

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[New Music]Free Bricks 2(Zone 6)-Gucci Mane & Future 

The Trap Gods Have Smiled Down Upon Us Kinfolk!

Gucci Mane & Future have drop from some new music on us in the form of Free Bricks 2(Zone 6). With Gucci fresh out the Fed and Future dealing with baby mama drama it just makes sense for the the two of them to get together again for a second of installment of the Free Bricks series. 

The mixtape has 6 tracks, which I am HERE for! Gucci and Future trade verses over beats that their loyal fan bases have grown to love. It’s a two for one special with this album. The trap gods knew exactly what I needed today. Take a listen below:

Whut say you?

Pretty Ricky Reuniting For Final Album 

Kinfolk! Pretty Ricky is reuniting! Are you excited!?! 

I can’t say I hit the “Juju On The Beat” when I heard this news, but I’m sure some of Pretty Ricky’s loyal stans are elated by this news. Now don’t get me wrong they did have a some songs I liked, “Grind With Me” and “Your Body” but  was a reunion necessary? I honestly prefer Pleasure P by himself, and he had a pretty good buzz going until those pesky child molestation rumors crept up.

Pleasure P flooded his timeline with some samples of what the guys are cooking up.

Just finished my part

A post shared by Marcus (@pleasurep) on

Pretty Ricky has released four albums, including 2003’s What They Call Em, 2005’s Bluestars, 2007’s Late Night Special, and 2009’s self-titled release. Their final album will be their fifth studio LP overall. Their latest releases, however, were a 2010 EP titled Topless and 2011’s mixtape Sex Music Vol. 1: Streets N the Sheets.

They’re said to already be 2 days into recording the album, and Rico Love is on board. I am interested to see what this will sound like after so much drama and dissension within the group.

What say you? 

Jay-Z and Zaytoven Working Together? Jaytoven?

Kinfolk could Jay-Z and Zaytoven have a collaboration in the work? Could the new hashtag be #Jaytoven? That’s what Zaytoven would have us believe with his latest Instagram post with he and Jay-Z side by side in the studio. 

As if that wasn’t enough fuel on the fire Zaytoven tweeted, ““HOW BIG IS DAT,” “ZAYTOVEN VS JAY Z. #UsedToThis #thekings #crazycombo.”

This collaboration has neither been confirmed or denied by Hov. I wonder what a Jay-Z/Zaytoven song would sound like? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Whut say you?