Xscape Might Don’t Make It Through This “Great Xscape Tour”

The second episode of Xscape’s new Bravo reality show “Still Kickin,” chronicling their reunion came on last night. It was clear from the episode that the ladies of Xscape still have deep-rooted issues. These episodes were taped over the summer, so I was hoping they worked through these issues so they could secure the bag. They clearly didn’t! Fast forward to Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happen Live” episode from last night and it’s clear that Xscape might don’t make it through this “Great Xscape Tour”

At the start of the interview, you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It didn’t help that Andy was ripping the scabs off of old wounds and rubbing rock salt into them, with his shady questions. It also didn’t help that the interview seemed to focus primarily on Kandi, and the other ladies seemed like “Pips” as Kandi so eloquently put it.

It was revealed that Xscape minus Kandi is working on new music, to which everyone’s response was:

Say What GIF

Apparently, Kandi is performing on Broadway. That’s awesome! But let’s be clear WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN XSCAPE AS A TRIO! It didn’t work back then and it isn’t going to work now!

It’s clear Kandi and The Scott sisters do not see it for each other. Kandi essentially said, “After this tour, I’m done with this bullshit.” The whole interview was a hot ass mess! While LaTocha may have been the cause of the break-up way back when it’s clear Kandi had no interest in the reunion at the doe!

This isn’t going to fare well with the audience for Kandi, she is coming off mean and bitter. This show is showing a side of Kandi we are not used to seeing.

I am going to say this and be done, ALL FOUR OF YOU ALL BETTER WORK IT OUT BY DECEMBER 31ST OR FAKE IT! If it’s not worked out or it’s not here members performing on the stage

Whut, say you?


Reginae Carter: Spoiled Brat? Or Just Defending Her Parents?


Kinfolks! So if you didn’t know already I am reality show addict. My newest addiction is Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta(GUHHATL) on WeTv. The shows features Shad Moss(Lil Bow Wow),Zonique Pullins(T.I. and Tiny),Shaniah Mauldin(Jermaine Dupri), Ayana Fite(DJ Hurricane), Brandon Barnes(Debra Antney), and Reginae Carter(Lil Wayne & #paperbacktoya). Continue reading

Are You #TeamTiny or #TeamTI? 

Kinfok if you weren’t aware already the VH1 show ‘The Family Hustle’ has come to an end. This season was very hard to watch due to the fact that previous seasons have been lighthearted and family friendly. I kind of viewed T.I. and Tiny’s family as the hip hop Cosbys. This season was tense and very awkward at times. It saddened me to see Major visibly bothered by his parent separation. I didn’t enjoy the way this show was brought to a close, but I guess good things don’t last always. 

On the series finale Tiny finally confronts TI about his infidelities. Of course Clifford tries to flip the script on Tiny, but she is clearly not HERE for the bullshit. Check out the tense exchange below:

Very hard to watch, right? I can say without a shadow of doubt I am #TeamTiny on this one. TI showed his caveman side this season, which resulted in several side-eyes from me. I believe Tiny when she says that she never slept with another man. Should she have been around Floyd Maywhether? No. But there have been rumors of TI’s extramarital affairs for years. While I am sad to see Tiny & TI breakup, I am glad that Tiny finally stood up for herself. I am looking forward to seeing her and Xscape on tour this summer.  Are you #TeamTiny or #TeamTI?

Whut say you?

Black Ink Crew Recap: Episode 7: Gossip On This 

When we last left the 9 Mag crew it was the fellas vs Kat. So that’s where we pick up in episode 7. Charmaine and Kat discuss the trip to NY and Kat is feeling some kinda of way about the way things went down. The fellas discuss the trip and Ryan still feels that Kat is disloyal.

Charmaine and Danielle chat and its revealed that Don made a pass at Charmaine the night the crew went to the club in NY, after all the bickering and back and forth they did. It’s also revealed that Don has sent some thirsty text messages to Charmaine. She claims to have thwarted his advances, but I’m not sure I believe her. Continue reading

Five Things We Learned From ‘Jim & Chrissy:Vow Or Never’ Episode 1

Kinfolk! The reality tv gods have smiled down upon us! Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin have triumphantly returned to reality television! After falling out with Mona Scott-Young and leaving that dead-body ass show Love & Hip Hop New York(let’s face it they made the show)they are back with a new show on WeTv titled ‘Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never’. Episode 1 premiered last night and did not disappoint. Let’s cover five things that we learned from episode 1: Continue reading

Black Ink Crew Chicago Recap: Episode 6: You’re Not God And You’re Not My Daddy

Kinfolk when we last left the crew Kat and Phor were getting hot and heavy in the elevator after throwing Patron shots back. We pick up in episode 6, the morning after. Kat and Phor claim they didn’t smash, but I am not convinced of that. They talk about trying to make something work between the two of them. Phor reassures Kat that he has her back no matter what.

The guys visit the ashy ass Black Ink Crew NY (BIC:NY ) and yes Cee’s, Dutchess, her dessert like lips, and her nasty disposition were there. Meanwhile back at the hotel the ladies discuss Kat and Phor’s wild night where they claim they didn’t have sex, but again I am not convinced. Charmaine offers Kat advice from the 10 THOT Commandmends Instuctional Manual. They also discuss the the BIC:NY welcome party they are throwing for BIC:Chi. Kat has decided not to attend.

Back at BIC:NY shop Ryan seeks Caesar’s advice in regards to the Kat situation because I guess he should have some wisdom to impart based on how he’s handled things in the past *side-eye* C’s advice to Ryan is that he needs to cut Kat loose look out for his own best interest. Now I have tried to see this issue from both sides, I can’t wrap my head around trying to hold somebody back from spreading their wings under the guise of “loyalty”. Especially when the fellas have proved to be lazy where conventions are concerned. We shall see how this plays out because I can’t rock with Ryan on this one. 

Over at the convention space Kat has set up her booth and uses her own Kat Tat banner because initially the fellas didn’t want to participate, and at the last minute decided to support Kat. Now I can see how this could be perceived as shade, but at the same time y’all negros wanted no parts of the convention. 

At BIC:NY welcome party for BIC: Chi it’s a ashy mess. Don is mad that Kat has decided not to attend so much so that he feels compelled to pull Phor outside to discuss this issue. Don feels Kat isn’t humble enough in a nutshell. Danielle and Charmaine show up at the shop. Don and Charmiane argue/flirt in front of company. When Charmaine is asked about what happened between her and Don, she wastes no time spilling all the tea to anyone who will listen. You can guess what happens next,Don goes from 0 to 100 real quick! Van step in and reprimands them both for discussing shop business in front of company. Don is still amped, and Ryan takes him out back to try and calm him down. In the process Skyy(BIC:NY) drunk and slobbing ass comes out to throw gasoline on the fire, she and Ryan end up getting into a shouting match. It’s a hot ghetto mess.

They next day the ladies discuss the night before. Charmaine feels wronged and feels like she is being made out to be a hoe. I don’t totally understand why she keeps bringing it up, y’all fucked! What’s the big f*cking deal? Also, Charmaine you at least knew Don lived with his son’s mother. This whole story about what Don told you is null and void, negros will tell you what you want to hear to get in your pants! Common sense says that if he is living with his son’s mother, 9 times out of 10 they are still involved in someway! But common sense isn’t so I digress. 

At the park the fellas discuss Kat’s alleged disloyalty, Ryan compares her to Ol Dirty Bastard in Wu Tang. Kat and Phor’s date is discussed as well as Charmaine and Don situation.Don has convinced himself that he didn’t sleep with Charmaine or that’s what he wants us to believe.

Ryan and the other fellas slide through the the convention and notice the 9 Mag space marker on the floor. Ryan is instantly pissed off along with the rest of the guys. Now Kat could have added 9 Mag to her banner somewhere, to show her affiliation. I guess that would have been a good compromise, but I don’t know that she was that much in the wrong. The fellas wanted no parts of the convention until zero hour and haven’t attended other conventions because they apparently didn’t see the point of networking. 

Don and Charmaine speak at the convention. He wants to apologize for the way he acted the night before at the BIC:NY party, but Charmaine is still on a quest to make Don acknowledge that they did have sex. Don isn’t having it. These two are beating a dead horse. Everyone knows y’all fucked, why do we need Don to confirm what we all already know! I wish we didn’t have to keep revisiting this same story, but they need a storyline. 

Later that night the crew goes to the club. Kat is mad because Phor isn’t giving her the attention she wants. There’s is tension between Kat and Ryan. To quell this tension Kat pulls Ryan to the side for a discussion outside and the coversation takes a turn for the worst. Ryan feels she is disloyal and getting the big head. Kat feels she she shouldn’t limit  herself and feels like Ryan is trying to act like her father. Now I will say Kat does owe 9 Mag a little bit of credit for her success, but at what point is the proverbial debt repaid? Ryan is wrong as two left shoes where this is concerned, but this all goes back to his abandonment issues. 

Check back next week for another recap. If you missed the previous week’s episodes check out my other recaps! 

Whut say you? 

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 1 Episode 5: New York, New Problems [RECAP]


Kinfolk so when we last left the crew Ryan has hopped in an Uber and headed home because he doesn’t know how to effectively express himself. We pick up with Van and Kat having a discussion about Ryan’s erratic behavior and how it’s affecting the whole shop. Ryan joins the two in conversation and is not happy about the criticism he receives and basically shuts down. I’m no shrink, but Ryan has yet to properly grieve the death of his sister and has not done the work to deal with his adandonment issues he has with his mother. On top of that his son is leaving to go to LA  causing him to feel like the walls are closing in on him.

Kat is joined by Charmaine and Danielle at her apartment where they discuss an upcoming tatto convention taking place in NY that Kat is planning to attend. Kat originally wanted the crew to go as whole, but the guys wanted no parts of it. Phor again is the topic of discussion, and Kat has the nerve to be bothered that Phor didn’t respond to her drunks texts, keep in mind she shot him down when he tried to get on! Kat is clearly playing games, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Back at the shop the crew is discussing the upcoming tatto convention that the fellas didn’t want to attend 7 months prior. Now the fellas want to attend and Ryan feels some kinda way about the fact Kat is attending the covention solo. I am starting to think Ryan is f*cking nuts. He of course storms off to pout which is becoming his normal MO when he doesn’t get his way. 

Phor has landed a meeting with Epic Records which is kinda of big deal. We get some insight into how Phor came to be in this episode. Phor’s mother worked construction, dad wasn’t in the home, and the family had to live in hotel as result of eviction. This upbringing shaped Phor into the man he is today and we understand why he has such a strong work ethic.

Ryan meets his mom for lunch and he vents about Kat being disloyal for wanting to spread her wings. He also talks to his mom about his feelings of abandonment after she separated from his father at 7, leaving him with his dad. As I mentioned previously these childhood issues and also his sister’s murder are part of the reason why he feels the crew is abandoning him. This is something that if not dealt with properly could be disasterous for the business and his friendships. Ryan’s mom explains why she left. I honestly take my hat off to her for realizing her situation wasn’t healthy and would in the long run would be more detrimental to her children. While it wasn’t the ideal situation, staying would have probably been worst.

Back at the shop Phor talks with Kat and attempts to figure out her mixed signals. Basically Kat was playing games because she’s been hurt in the past, but realizes that Phor is actually serious about wanting to try make something work between them. They agree to meet up for dinner in NY because Phor will be there for the Epic records meeting at the same time of the tattoo convention.

The fellas decide to attend the conference under the guise of going to support Kat, but really they are going to party with that ashy ass Black Ink Crew NY. Phor meets with the Epics records rep and is dealt some hard truths: 1. One he needs to pick a lane with his music and 2. He can’t tattoo and persue music full time. Phor takes the constructive criticism and vows to work harder. Fast forward to later that eveing Phor and Kat have dinner and there is a lot of alcohol and flirtation going on. They end up back at her room and of course they smashed. Check back next week for my recap and if you missed any others episodes check out the other episode recaps. Until next week Kinfolk! 

Black Ink Crew Chicago Episode 4 Recap: ‘Chi-town stay down?'[IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ]

Kinfolk episode 4 of my favorite new show Black Ink Crew Chicago has come and gone. If you missed it I am here to give you the rundown. Last week when we left the 9 Mag crew Ashley( Don’s Baby Mama) tried to steam roll Charmaine after she revealed that she and Don had smashed. Of course Don goes from 0 to 100 real quick when confronted by Ashley.

Episode 4 picks up the next morning after the whole debacle. The ladies of the shop are recounting the nights events and Charmiane is puzzled as to why Ashley would try to attack her, hmmmm could it be the smug ass way you told her that you f*cked her man? I still don’t believe this story Charmaine is selling about not knowing about Ashley it’s pure and utter bullshit! Meanwhile the fellas of the shop are somewhere else recounting the night event as well. Don flat out denys sleeping with Charmaine, because he knows he has f*cked up royally with Ashley(he hasn’t been home in days). Phor rocks with his brother, but Van isn’t convinced and neither am I. They clearly f*cked and Charmaine knew about Ashley and it is what it GOTDAMN is! One thing I don’t like is Ashley using her son as a pawn to control Don, why do women do that?

Being that Charmine is embroiled in the DonGate scandal at the shop of course she can’t do her damn job, and she is full of excuses. Ryan is not HERE for the excuses and wants the business handled first before all the other side sh*t! I couldn’t agree more! Asshole tendencies aside, Ryan is about his business.

Danielle visits Kat after she receives a call from her ex-boyfriend. Their relationship ended on bad note and Kat is still feeling the after effects of the relationship gone wrong, and clearly still has feelings for her ex. Of course Danielle is all like f*ck that n*gga! He’s no good for you. Danielle tries to put in a good word for Phor, because Kat is hesitant to let her guard down because of past hurt. 

Van’s looming 18 month jail stint is the topic of conversation at a meeting at 9 mag. The crew vows to stand behind Van. Ryan is clearly having spearation anxiety issues what with Phor trying to persue his rap career,Van possibly going to jail, and his children moving to Cali. Ryan is slowly unraveling and misdirecting his anger. 
Kat is selected for a spread in Urban Ink which is the tattoo artist’s dream, as it provides exposure and fame. Ryan is not really too happy or congratulatory about Kat’s good news, but he begrudgingly allows Kat to use the the shop for the shoot. Ryan question Kat’s loyalty and is operating under the assumption that everyone is going to stay at 9 Mag forever and never branch out and do other things. Kat on the other hand isn’t operating under that assumption and plans to branch out. This episode provided us a little back story on Kat. She grew up in a good home, received a scholarship for college, but dropped out during her senior year to persue tattooing *side eye* I am all for pursing your dreams, but your senior year!?! Really girl? Kat’s ink game is fire she tattoos her own leg upside down. 

DonGate is again a topic of discussion, Ryan wants to get to the bottom of it. Don on the other hand wants it to go away and shuts down the conversation every time it’s brought up. Charmaine is feeling like a THOT and sheds a tear. Ladies and gentlemen this is why you don’t f*ck people that you work with because when the shit hits the fan it’s never good. I’m almost certain they f*cked and Charmaine knew about Ashley case closed!

On the day of the shoot Ryan is being his usual asshole self and becomes offended when the photographer refers to him and the other guys as props in the photo shoot and unceremoniously dismisses them after  he is finished using them. Ryan storms off and goes to tattoo an old friend and reflects on his life in the streets and is again questioning Kat’s loyalty to 9 Mag.

The best part of the episode is when Don finally decides to go home and Ashley is packing his shit up to get him the f*ck out! The look on Don’s face is priceless. Don has clearly fucked up, but of course we get the whole, “I want my family back” song and dance, but I can’t keep my dick in my pants!  I will say Ashley is a bit overbearing and she uses their child as a pawn, which is f*cked up on so many levels. He either wants to be with you not, that has nothing to do with co-parenting.

Back at 9 Mag Van and Ryan discuss his case and Ryan spazzes the whole entire f*ck out. He gets into with another associate of his, and then Van gets into with that associate. It’s a hot ghetto mess. Ryan doesn’t know how to express his frustrations about his family leaving and crew members moving on to other opportunities in a more productive way so he lashes out. Long story short he hops in a Uber and heads home. Check back next week for another recap.

Side Note: I love the fact that they actually tattoo on this show, and they are actually GOOD tattoos! No shade to NY, but shade! 

Whut say you?

Black Ink Crew Episode 3 Recap


Kinfolk when we left the crew last week Don and Charmaine were having a very loud argument outside of the club. So episode 3 picks up the next morning. Charmaine can’t remember her THOTish behavior because she had way to much to drink. She’s still going with the story that she had no idea about Don’s relationship with the mother of his son. Now while part of me could believe Don fed her some bullshit about them being broken up, she is going to have a hard time convincing me that she was completely oblivious to Don’s situation. But ima let her rock with this story for now, but bish I see right through you!  Continue reading


Kinfolk last week when we left the crew,  Don’s baby’s mother Ashley came in the shop and found him twerking on Charmaine, and completely spazzes out. To avoid further arguing Don opts to sleep at the shop. Ryan’s dad comes to the shop to get a tattoo completed that Ryan started 4 years prior. He’s spazzes on Charmaine who is the shop manager about gloves and checks her about her dealings with Don. His take home point to Char is the f*ckship ain’t good for business. I completely agree! Continue reading