No Money, Mo Problems: Dame Dash Hit With Tax Lein


It’s seem life ain’t been no crystal stair since Dame Dash and Jay-Z parted ways. According to TMZ, Dash has been slapped with a 2.8 million dollar tax bill. I say GOTDAMN that’s a lotta money!!!

Dash, who cofounded Roc-A-Fella Records and Rocawear with Jay-Z, has been buried in debt since he and Jay parted ways, but his problems just got worse. Uncle Sam has filed a federal tax lein against Dash for unpaid taxes from 2005 and 2011:

2005: $2,614,918.10 2011: $187,544.20

For a grand total of: $2,802,262.30

That’s a lotta gotdamn money!!!

Things ain’t lookin too good for Damon right now, hopefully Jay-Z will look out for his old pal. If not he may suffer the same fate as Wesley Snipes and Lauryn Hill.



Foxy Brown Takes A Tumble


Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand, better known as Foxy Brown was at El Morocco in New York City about to perform her new single “Bandz up” when she took a tumble. Brown was ok, but the tumble was immortalized on tape(pesky smart phones).

My favorite female rapper of all time just can’t seem to catch a break in recent years hopefully she can pull it together and make a comeback.

Watch It: Here