Blue Bird of Happiness-Tamar Braxton-Review


Kinfolk I’m back with another album review, it’s late I know! But again better late than never! Tamar Braxton dropped her fifth studio album titled “Blue Bird of Happiness(BBH)” on September 29, 2017. Tamar had a lot to prove with this album especially after her last album “Calling All Lovers” didn’t do as well as she expected because she couldn’t promote the project due to health issues, the album was very solid nonetheless with or without promotion.

BBH has 11 tracks, which is GREAT, y’all know how I feel about overly long albums. 10-12 tracks is sufficient, anything more is overkill. Continue reading


[WATCH]Tamar Braxton Sing New Single ‘My Man’ at Revel’s Rhythm & Chew In Atlanta 


She! Me! Her! AKA Slaymar AKA Tamar Braxton was in town last night singing her throat out at Revel’s Rhythm & Chew event last night, and although I couldn’t be there it’s always good to have a good friend in the building to send you some footage!

Estine ran through a few songs, but the highlight according to those in the audience was the new single ‘My Man’ which is based on her parents divorce and also from her soon to released 4th album. I can’t wait to see what she has to offer this time around. But until then check her out singing her throat out and not being bothered by #paperbacktoya 

​Whut say you?

Sick & Shut In: Tamar Braxton Has Blood Clots In Lungs,Ends Season On DWTS & Canels Tour Dates

Kinfolk & Tamartians!

Please pray for Tamar Estine Braxton-Herbert, she had to end her participation in Dancing With The Stars  and cancel the remaining dates on her tour with him Kem due to blood clots, she sent out this message on her Facebook page:

With a Heavy heart I regret to inform you that my season of #dwts has to come to an end along with the rest of my tour dates with @musicbykem. After yesterday’s final #dwts performance I went back to the hospital (after the doctors didn’t want me to leave in the first place) only to find out that I don’t have pneumonia but something way more serious and that is having several P.E.’s (blood clots in both sides of my lungs) As you all know I will be the first to always encourage anyone to push through any obstacle that comes along one’s way. But in this case, my health is my current obstacle. .. And in TRUE #tamartian form I must go about this the exact same way as I would anything else. I woke up to a mirror and saw myself this morning and that makes me the winner because that almost wasn’t the case. Take care of yourselves… I love you and thank you ALL for your support

I have said on several occasions I don’t know how Tamar is able to keep up with all her jobs. It seems all this working has caught up with her, I am glad she is taking the rest that she needs. Blood clots are nothing to play with. Kinfolk when your body sends you signals please take heed! Prayer up for Tamar, wishing her a speedy recovery!

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[Photo Credit: Facebook: Tamar Braxton-Herbert]



Tamartians Rejoice! 

She! Me! Her! AKA Tamar Braxton has released the lyric video for her new single, If I Don’t Have You. I am really not HERE for the lyric videos, but hey I’m sure there is someone out there who enjoys watching PowerPoint presentations with words and music, and I am here to give be people what they want! 

The video uses the newspaper effect. Tamar *taps shoulder* I need the real video pumpkin. The song comes from Tamar’s upcoming album, Calling All Lovers, due out on July 31. We can expect the new season of  WeTv series,Tamar and Vince, to probably premiere around that same time. The Herbert’s are very strategic when it comes to album set-up.

Check out the video below:

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[WATCH]Let Me Know-Tamar Braxton Featuring Future



Tamartians Rejoice!

She! Me! Her! AKA Slaymar AKA Tamar has released the visual for her Future assisted single Let Me Know. The video was directed by Mrs. Braxton- Herbert herself. I honestly don’t know how she has the time with two reality shows(Braxton Family Values & Tamar & Vince), The Real, a new album, motherhood, and being a wife. But I guess the Chaka Khan song, “I’m Every Woman” rings true here, she is definitely a woman of many talents.

Tamar goes through several wardrobe/wig changes and even has one scene where she is covered in glitter. Future is absent from the video, I am assuming he was either moving that dope, busy with one of his baby’s mothers, or working on trying to get back into Ciara’s good graces who knows. Tamar is in the studio putting the finishing touches on her new album. The new season of Tamar and Vince premieres tonight at 10 pm on WE tv(This probably isn’t a good idea, what with Shonda Rhimes slaying Thursday nights with TGIT over on ABC, but hey what do I know?). I still haven’t decided how I feel about video, I am going to watch it a few more times.

Check It Out Below:



[LISTEN] Let Me Know-Tamar Braxton Featuring Future


Tamartians Rejoice!

She! Me! Her! AKA Slaymar AKA Tamar Braxton is back with the new music! The song is called Let Me Know and it features Future. The song has an interpolation of the Isley Brothers/Aaliyah At Your Best.

If this is any indication of what Tamar’s third album is going to sound like we in are for a treat! She carved out a sound on the last album and she is pushing it to the next level with the production and her voice. I love the song! When I first saw it was featuring Future I was kinda skeptical, but he didn’t do too much.

Whut say you?


Tamar Braxton Almost Collapses In Las Vegas

Tamar-Braxton-Almost-Faints-in-VegasJesus Be Some Rest!

Tamar Braxton gave her Tamartians a scare when she damn near collapsed at her concert in Las Vegas. It has to be hard to film 2 reality shows,  a talk show, perform on tour, be a wife, and a mother. I honestly don’t know how she manages to pull it all off.

Now the tardiness at the Atlanta show makes sense now. Tamar is said to have lost her voice during the show and lost control of her body. It was so bad that her husband/manager had to come out on stage and hold her up. Tamar left the stage for a long break in the set, but like a true professional came back out and finished the show!

Tamar later hopped on Instagram to explain what happened:

I really felt like last night was #lightsout for me!! I felt sooo bad I was shaking.

I honestly couldn’t remember a lyric ( which is nothing new) a dance step(everynight) but…I never lost my MYSELF where my body took over my mind and left me helpless. I wanted to stay but I couldn’t. I wanted to drink water and catch my breath but I couldn’t. I, Tamar, for the first time

who has always been able to figure it out and work through ANYTHING simply couldn’t do ANYTHING but gasp for air and ask for help!! I was powerless and heartbroken. …….However, my Tamartians held me down & reminded me what a #RealTrueTamartian is!!! I tried to get up and go back 3 times but I couldn’t move, talk, sing & worse, breathe. Not until I heard how after all that time past that you ALL was waiting for me no one left! HOB was Just as packed And energetic as if you all JUST got there!! I GOT my life last night cause u gave it to me! I walked back on stage feeling defeated, frustrated, scared, VOICELESS and STILL u ALL excepted &still loved the REAL Tamar your #tamartianfriend just as I was and THAT is how my voice came back I had a TON of energy and you even sang every song until I could do it by myself!! I KNOW you love me for ME!!! And because of this I’ll never forget how u changed my life last night & you all have left me feeling that I will NEVER be the same! Thank you for saving me! I’ll ALWAYS be here and #fight4you (shout out to my MAN for Never leaving my side and ALWAYS having my back!! I [love] you)… L.A…..I feel amazing so let’s GO! See you tonight

Tamar Estine Braxton-Herbert *taps shoulder*  from us to you, When your body says rest, you rest! It’s ok to take a break we know your trying to make up for lost time, but your no good without rest. Hopefully she can take a much needed vacation she has been going nonstop since her album dropped. Tamar please take care of yourself!

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